Thanks to excellent advice from various Passionites, my girlfriend Mairin and I had a very nice ride at Fort Ord near Monterey, CA. It was a beautiful day, and the usually sandy trails were in excellent shape from all the recent rain. It was the first time either of us had ridden there. The trails are quite fun - unfortunately we didn't find anything technical except for the short Red Rocks trail which is a fun downhill with some rocky and rutted sections - it's over way too quickly though! Goat trail is a fun singletrack as well - not technical but nice and flowing with some great scenery. All in all, a beautiful place to ride. Thanks to everyone for the advice.

There are a LOT more pictures, most of them not very good, on my website.

The climb up to Skyline trail

Mairin on Red Rocks trail - all the stairs she practiced riding down the night before really paid off here!

More Red Rocks trail

Mairin tending her flock

Goat Trail