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Thread: Urban riding.

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    Urban riding.

    I ride my Trek 930 on the trails and in town. I'm trying to save up for a nice full suspension bike (I'm 15 so, no job yet) and was thinking about selling it once i get close to my final amount, but what would I ride in town. I don't want to look like I'm showing off with a shiny Trek or fancy Specialized, and I don't want it to be stolen. Should I just not sell it? What do you ride around in your town?

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    Spray bomb it, put some huffy decals on it and keep it for a town beater. No one steals a huffy.
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    Trek 930s are nice little bikes. Nothing super fancy, but if it fits you nicely, you should hold onto it for posterity's sake, in case you need it in the future. They certainly aren't worth much these days and you won't get much money for it if you do sell it.

    Your best bet might be simply covering the logos with some sort of opaque tape, maybe to match the color of the frame, and just keep riding it. Lock it up properly, per Sheldon Brown's locking technique, and unless you live in a really terrible area, it's unlikely anyone will take it.

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    It's about showing up.
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    Hold onto it. You won't get much if you sell it. It is really nice to have another bike to fall back on. Besides; it's your bud.
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    Yeah I'd definetely buy some spraycans and som clothes to wrap it up. Make it look undesireable. :-)

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    single speed...

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    Yup . . . keep it. I had a 1998 GF Marlin (BRIGHT Yellow) that fit me like a friggin' glove. I rode that thing ALL over the place . . on campus, in town, trails, etc. Sold it to get something "better" and boy was that a mistake. I got $200 for the thing and the "better" bike got stolen . . . .

    I scour CL and eBay for another medium 1998 GF Marlin (preferably yellow )

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    keep the bike. Having a back up is perfect when you flat or have some maintenance to do.

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    I'll mimic what everyone else has said. Don't sell it! You won't get much for it, not near what it's worth to you in piece of mind when locking it up around town. You'll be sorry if you let it go. Guaranteed!

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    As everyone says, keep it. You will not get much for it.

    Like many of us, you will regret if you sell a nice bike like that. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but in the long run I sure that you will want to have that bike back.
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    keep it, Trek 930 is a sweet steel xc frame.
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    Keep it, and bring a friend to ride it next time you hit the trails!

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    Hissatsu Jitensha-nin
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    Wow! All of my bikes are older than you

    Keep it, you're young and it's good to have a reliable friend around for the next decade at least.

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