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    A "Super Totally Awesome" Ride.

    I borrowed a trailer, "co-pilot" bike from my brother who has no use for it because his youngest daughter is now on a 2 wheeler of her own. My newphew was coming over so I strapped it up to my Fisher and headed out with my youngest nephew (6) for a bike ride around my town house complex. He only has been on his training wheel bike once (I think that is what he said), so this was a totally new experience.

    The pure joy in his eyes was an incredible sight. He had so much fun and was jumping around and telling everybody how it was "super totally awesome!" Of course, he learned the most important rule of bike riding; always wear a helmet no matter what. After a little bit of riding, he took a hand off the handlebars and waved at my wife - who then proceeded to have a heart attack. We went FASSST too (a mind blowing 10 MPH). We ended up cruising 2.4 miles together because it started getting dark. An epic ride in its own right.

    I ride a lot, just like most of us here. But the best rides I have been rarely are on single track packed with log rolls and moguls. I love cycling. I loved it when I was 6. I love it at 33. After a ride, I still get gitty and during the day, I still look forward to getting on the bike and and just being free. I hope I never lose that feeling... ever.

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    Whenever I ride with kids (mine or otherwise) it's always amazingly awesome. You couldn't pry the smile off of my face or the kids for hours.
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    Dude thats what iam talking about right there!!!!! Awsome post I love gettting those feeling as well keep riding.
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    Thats really cool! neat how later in life its not doing 6ft drops but the simpler things that being the most joy eh?

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    Fantastic post.

    You may have planted the seed of MTB obsession in that young man's heart!

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