Southwestern goodness

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  • 03-01-2004
    Southwestern goodness
    Me and some buddies are driving down to fruita on mar fifth to the seventh, but after that we've got a week to binge on all the sweetnepic rides we can get. My question to everyone is: where to ride. Thisll be pure dirtbagging, so mobility is excellent. I'm looking for XC trails in NM, AZ, UT, and CO that aren't snowed over.

  • 03-02-2004
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    some choices....
    The Kokopelli trails in Fruita are looking good, but the weather is iffy. The Southfacing trails and loops are prime right now. That would include Rustler's Horsethief, Mary's, Lion's, and Steve's, the others could be a bit rough (Mack, Troybuilt, Moore Fun). If it's raining, don't bother, the mud will trash the trails and the bikes (it sticks so bad between the frame and wheels that you can't even roll). But if it's good...

    Also, Southwestern Utah has some gems near St. George. JEM trail, Gooseberry, Icebox, and more, all fun, all good, lots of singletrack.

    These photos are from the Kokopelli area in Fruita.
  • 03-02-2004
    Call ahead before driving to St. George Utah (sorry - I can't remember the name of the bike shop there). We showed up last Thursday expecting to ride & it had rained all week and continued to rain most of the weekend. The ground was saturated & the trails were gumbo. It may still be raining there for all I know. We did find some very nice riding near Las Vegas though at Bootleg Canyon and Blue Diamond.