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    A ride, recently: Tweener week.

    You know the one -- no longer quite summer, not just yet fall.

    When the skies are largely clear, blue, and warmer than they look. Or than you want them to be.

    When the mornings are cool, often damp -- maybe even frozen -- and usually colder than you expect or are prepared for.

    It's a season of transition. Letting go of what's past, no matter how good it was.

    If you're Jeny it's a season to embrace a 'new pony', and to figure out all of her nuances. Or at least ride her a bunch and then realize that the idiosyncrasies are probably your own. Just like the rest of us.

    As this ephemeral season steamrolls us we're reminded to embrace what's coming, no matter how into it you are. Or aren't.

    Even if you can't slow down exactly in this moment, you can at least recognize that that time is coming. Maybe that simple recognization will be enough to break you out of the summer rut. Inspire new habits, or more habitual randomness. Either way.

    In a previous life -- one where the only sports worth paying attention to centered around inanimate flying objects -- a certain nostalgia might overcome a person right at this time of year, as memories of packed stadiums, cigar smoke, leaf mold, spilled beer, and cut grass all melded into one and thusly conspired to overwhelm both senses and synapses.

    If the above described hypothetical scenario were, um, mine, I'd currently be a bit embarrassed about how much time I used to spend chasing balls, or pucks, or evading others while doing the same. All while deliberately not thinking, or wondering, or being curious about the bigger picture.

    You can pass a certain amount of this off as 'being a kid'. But not all of it. Eventually you need to wake up, open your eyes, think bigger in the bigness of the whole. Or something like that -- append your own favorite term. Not everyone gets there, completely, ever. Many of us, luckily, can regret only that we didn't get there sooner.

    Of late my interest in learning from the natural world is as acute as ever. But my fallback of completing 'big loops' or striving toward endless diabolical climbs is failing, probably because they just don't seem to answer any of the questions that come to mind of a day or average week. If any at all.

    Grinding along in a rut -- even a happy one -- just seems so pointless. Is that just me?

    Experiencing unique panoramas hasn't gotten old. Nor has inhaling -- and wondering about -- new smells. But somehow 'just' going through those motions has come to seem less than enough. Not adequately inspiring somehow. I'm learning to identify ruts *just* before slotting into them. And then to deviate, if only slightly, and head in a different direction.

    What am I on about?

    If I grasped all of it, all at once, I'd happily spill the beans. Whole beans -- not just these disparate fragments.

    I'm getting there.

    Thanks to Greg, Jeny, Peet, and Stiv for inspiration -- I endeavor to be more like, but not exactly like, all of you.

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    Inspiring pictures, inspiring words. Existential bliss.

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    Thatís a lovely set, mike. Thanks for sharing.

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