I started a write up on this in September after the trip but then work happened and then school happened and now work and school are still happening but I decided to take some time to post a quick trip report. Gf and I took a trip down to the kingdom trails to do some riding. I checked the forecast for East Burke before we left and though it looked like we would get SOME rain I didn't expect the amount of rain we did get. We were there the last week of August and from what I heard some roads and bridges were washed out during some of the rain.

It rained a lot when we were there. We were only able to ride 1.5 days. We could have possibly ridden 2.5 days if we listened to the people at the Kingdom trails office but I'm glad we didn't.

Arrived at Burke Mountain Camp ground at around midnight Saturday, checked in QUIETLY and started to set up camp QUIETLY. I was tired. I wanted to set the tent up outside the lean-to but the gf wanted it under the lean-to and I'm glad we set it up there. I remember being woken up by a heavy rain during the night and there being rain in the morning. I got a new wheelset on Friday night so I spent the morning getting the brakes fixed and fusing around with my bike. The gf slept in the tent. We bought our tail passes and thought we would go for a quick ride. We were assured by the people at the office that most of the trails would be fine even after the heavy rain. I didn't bring my camera because we decided to do quick ride and chose Dead Moose since it started just up the mountain from our campsite and I figured we'd get a chance to ride it everyday if we wanted to ride it. Hahahhahaha!

After the ride back to the campsite and we were going to go swimming but then it started to rain. We decided to cook dinner instead under the lean-to. It stop raining so we showered. Got back and it started to rain again. It rained for the rest of the night and we were pretty much stuck under the lean-to. It was raining heavy! It was a river outside of our lean-to.

Monday: More rain but it's more of a drizzle. We decide it would be a good day to visit the Birds of Vermont Museum. https://www.birdsofvermont.org/ The gf is a bird nerd so she was literally bouncing around the car on the way there. We stopped in Montpelier for lunch at some buffet/veggie/organic place that was nice and had some good food. I was disappointed their ginger tofu was not as good as my ginger tofu. NO pictures of the bird museum. I enjoyed the one way windows and the outside mics near the feeding area. We picked up a Coleman lamp for light in Montpelier in case we were stuck under the lean-to for another night. Camp lamps are great for car camping! It was still raining/sprinkling/misting when we got back to East Burke and had dinner.

Tuesday: It's not raining! The sun does exist. I'm thinking no matter how sandy some of the trails are they have to be soaked! We decide to hike up Burke Mountain in the morning/afternoon. What we saw on the way there was a lot of mud and at the top streams running through the hiking trails off the back and side of the mountain. Decided not to ride that day again and give the trails a chance to dry out.

Wednesday - Our last full day there and only our second day to ride the trails. We did the loop that everybody always tells you to do when you go to Kingdom trails. I don't have my map and I can't remember all the trail names now. It was around 20 miles total though. We ate lack berries and blueberries when we could find them along the trail and generally took it at a relaxed pace. Less than three hours of wheel spinning for me but it took us five hours to do so that should tell you how many black berry breaks we took. The gf had her first serious crash and endo though unhurt it was something that everybody has to do. Some of the trail was still muddy and had puddles but a lot of it was sandy and dry. There was a new section called River Trail or Riverdale (?) that was fun but The Pines, that trail was fun, fun, fun. One section at the beginning of the ride that would have been a lot more fun if it was dry. There were some DEEP mud puddles, which made these sections difficult to clean, or just made you feel bad about riding through them.

There is some good riding in Kingdom trails and I hope we head back next year but have better weather. I'd love to do Dead Moose and The Pines again and again. The folks at the Kingdom trails office were supper friendly and helpful for riding suggestions too.

Does anybody own a Yakima rack in Vermont? I think we were the only people with a Yakima rack all I saw were Thules.

All the pictures are at the below link.
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And now some select pictures.

Though "sunny" this was a lot of our view when we couldn't think of anything else to do.


Middle of the way up the Burke Mountain road.

The top of the mountain in the old firetower.
"My firetower flame"

It was wet and muddy near the beginning.

I hope this guy didn't want any black berries.

Just a trailside shot.

This reminds me of some riding around where I live.

Some old car.

A deep puddle mentioned above.



No pictures of the hill climbs though.