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    what are the fs bikes i can buy for $1000-1500 dollar range?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sky84
    what are the fs bikes i can buy for $1000-1500 dollar range?
    There are undoubtedly a ton of bikes to choose from. All I can speak to is what I own. I have a 03' Specialized Enduro base model. It set me back about $1300. It has been the best all around bike I have ever owned. It is really comfortable for both trail and pavement. I spend time riding places like Annadel state park (pretty rocky & technical with some smoother downhill stuff) and it has been more than adequate for me. (I'm about 190 lbs with gear on) I'm sure that if you are going to seriously race you will need more bike and if you want to focus on DH you will need more travel and double crown forks; but if you can only have one bike (like me) this one will do just about everything pretty well.
    IMHO and just my $00.02
    happy trails and TGIF

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    Quote Originally Posted by sky84
    what are the fs bikes i can buy for $1000-1500 dollar range?
    Happy shopping.

    Airborne Marauder
    Airborne Paka-Wallup
    Azonic Extension Recoil (frame)
    Azonic Propulsion Full Suspension Frame
    Banshee Bikes Chaparral
    Banshee Bikes Scratch
    Banshee Bikes Scream
    Bianchi Ibex
    Cannondale Gemini 2000
    Cannondale Gemini 3000
    Cannondale Gemini 900
    Cannondale Jekyll 1000
    Cannondale Jekyll 2000
    Cannondale Jekyll 3000
    Cannondale Jekyll 400
    Cannondale Jekyll 600
    Cannondale Jekyll 600 Disc
    Cannondale Jekyll 600 Feminine
    Cannondale Jekyll 800
    Cannondale Scalpel 2000
    Cannondale Scalpel 3000
    Cannondale Scalpel 900
    Cannondale Scalpel Team Replica
    Christini AWD LT
    Christini AWD XC
    Cove Bikes G-Spot
    Cove Bikes Peeler DH
    Dean USA Ace 3 FS
    Dean USA Ace X-Lite 3 FS
    Dean USA Baja 4 FS
    Dean USA Duke
    Dean USA Duke X-Lite
    Devinci 8-Flat-8
    Devinci Arrowhead
    Devinci Banzai
    Devinci Chili Pepper
    Devinci Dragonfly
    Devinci Guzzler
    Devinci Magma
    Devinci Moon Racer Limited Edition
    Devinci Moonracer
    Devinci Ollie
    Devinci Saguaro
    Devinci Wilson
    Diamondback Coil
    Diamondback Coil EX
    Diamondback Coil X
    Diamondback SL Super
    Diamondback XSL
    Diamondback XSL Comp
    Diamondback XSL Trail
    Diamondback XTS
    Diamondback XTS Moto
    Diamondback XTS Super Moto
    Ellsworth Dare
    Ellsworth Id
    Ellsworth Isis
    Ellsworth Joker
    Ellsworth Joker XC
    Ellsworth Moment
    Ellsworth Truth
    Foes DHS Mono
    Foes FXR
    Foes FXR 4x
    Foes Inferno
    Foes The Fly
    Fuji Adventure Comp
    Fuji Adventure Super Lite
    Fuji Diamond Comp
    Fuji Diamond Pro
    Fuji Diamond Super Lite
    Fuji Discovery 1
    Fuji Discovery 2
    Fuji Discovery 3
    Gary Fisher Cake 1
    Gary Fisher Cake 1 DLX
    Gary Fisher Cake 2
    Gary Fisher Cake 2 DLX
    Gary Fisher Cake 2 GS
    Gary Fisher Cake 3
    Gary Fisher Cake 3 DLX
    Gary Fisher Sugar 292
    Gary Fisher Sugar 293
    Gary Fisher Sugar 4+
    Gary Fisher Sugar Race
    Giant AC 1
    Giant AC 2
    Giant DH Comp
    Giant DH Team
    Giant NRS 1
    Giant NRS 2
    Giant NRS Air
    Giant VT 1
    Giant VT 2
    Giant VT 3
    Giant Warp DS 1
    Giant Warp DS 2
    GT DH i
    GT I-Drive 0
    GT I-Drive 1
    GT I-Drive 2
    GT I-Drive 3
    GT I-Drive XC 1
    GT I-Drive XC 2
    GT I-Drive XC Ultra
    GT Ruckus I-Drive 2
    GT Ruckus I-Drive Flowta
    Haro Extreme X1
    Haro Extreme X2
    Haro Extreme X3
    Haro Werx EXT
    Haro Werx XLS
    Haro XLS R3
    Haro XLS R5
    Haro XLS R7
    Ibex Bicycles Apogee LX
    Ibex Bicycles Apogee Sport
    Ibex Bicycles Apogee Team (frame)
    Ibex Bicycles Apogee XT
    Ibex Bicycles Cobia 2.6
    Ibex Bicycles Ignition 1
    Ibex Bicycles Ignition 2
    Ibex Bicycles Ignition Team (frame)
    Intense 5.5 EVP
    Intense M3
    Intense Spider XVP
    Intense Tazer FS
    Ionic E3 Full S
    Iron Horse Hollowpoint Expert
    Iron Horse Hollowpoint RL Expert
    Iron Horse Hollowpoint RL Team
    Iron Horse Hollowpoint Sport
    Iron Horse SGS-Expert Freeride
    Iron Horse SGS-Pro DH
    Iron Horse SGS-Pro Freeride
    Iron Horse SGS-Team DH
    Iron Horse SGS-World Cup DH
    Iron Horse Sinister Comp
    Iron Horse Sinister Expert
    Iron Horse Sinister Sport
    Jamis Dakar
    Jamis Dakar Sport
    Jamis Dakar XC Comp
    Jamis Dakar XC Expert
    Jamis Dakar XC Pro
    Jamis Dakar XLT 1
    Jamis Dakar XLT 2
    Jamis Dakar XLT 3
    K2 Attack 1
    K2 Attack 2
    K2 Lithium 3
    K2 Lithium 4
    K2 Lithium 5
    K2 Razorback Comp
    K2 Razorback SL
    K2 Razorback Team
    K2 Tirade 5
    K2 Tirade 6
    Kestrel Edge XT
    KHS FR-1500
    KHS FR-2000
    KHS FXT Trail
    KHS XC204
    KHS XC304
    KHS XC504
    KHS XC704r
    KHS XC904r
    Klein Palomino V
    Klein Palomino V Disc
    Klein Palomino X
    Klein Palomino XV
    Klein Palomino XX
    Kona Coiler
    Kona Coiler Dee-Lux
    Kona Dawg
    Kona Dawg Dee-Lux
    Kona Dawg Matic
    Kona Dawg Primo
    Kona Kikapu
    Kona Kikapu Deluxe
    Kona King Kikapu
    Kona Stab
    Kona Stab Primo
    Kona Stinky
    Kona Stinky Dee-Lux
    Kona Stinky Primo
    Litespeed Niota AL SRAM 9
    Litespeed Niota Al XT disc
    Litespeed Niota Al XTR disc
    Litespeed Niota Ti SRAM 9
    Litespeed Niota Ti XT disc
    Litespeed Niota Ti XTR disc
    Litespeed Unicoi XT
    Litespeed Unicoi XT disc
    Litespeed Unicoi XTR
    Litespeed Unicoi XTR disc
    Marin Alpine Trail
    Marin Attack Trail
    Marin East Peak
    Marin Mount Vision
    Marin Mount Vision Pro
    Marin Rift Zone
    Marin Rock Springs
    Marin Wolf Ridge
    Maverick ML7
    Mongoose Sommet
    Mongoose Valiant
    Mongoose Wing Comp
    Mongoose Wing Eilite
    Mongoose Wing Pro
    Motobecane 400DS
    Motobecane 500DS
    Motobecane 600DS
    Motobecane 700DS
    Motobecane Fantom 3
    Motobecane Fantom Comp DS
    Motobecane Fantom Elite DS
    Motobecane Fantom Pro DS
    Motobecane Fantom Team
    Motobecane Fantom XC
    Motobecane X4B 2
    Motobecane X4B 4
    Motobecane X4B 6
    Mountain Cycle Fury
    Mountain Cycle San Andreas
    Mountain Cycle Shockwave 9point5
    Mountain Cycle Sin
    Mountain Cycle Zen
    Nicolai Bass TFR
    Nicolai Helius CC
    Nicolai Helius FR
    Nicolai Helius ST
    Nicolai Lambda ST
    Nicolai M-Pire ST
    Nicolai Nonius CC
    Nicolai Nucleon ST
    Nicolai Nucleon TFR
    Nicolai Saturn TCC
    Nicolai UFO DS
    Norco 4x4
    Norco Defender
    Norco Screamer
    Norco Six
    Norco Titan
    Norco VPS A-Line
    Norco VPS Atomik
    Norco VPS Fuse
    Norco VPS Shore
    Norco VPS Team DH Race
    Norco VPS Team North Shore
    Norco VPS Trail Fluid 1
    Norco VPS Trail Fluid 2
    Norco VPS Trail Fluid 3
    Raleigh Ram 1
    Raleigh Ram 2
    Raleigh Ram 3
    Raleigh Ram 4
    Raleigh Ram XT 1500
    Raleigh Ram XT 2500
    Raleigh Ram XT 3500
    Rocky Mountain Edge Slayer 30
    Rocky Mountain Edge Slayer 50
    Rocky Mountain Edge Slayer 70
    Rocky Mountain Element 50
    Rocky Mountain Element 70
    Rocky Mountain Element Team SC
    Rocky Mountain ETSX-30
    Rocky Mountain ETSX-50
    Rocky Mountain ETSX-70
    Rocky Mountain Fanatik
    Rocky Mountain RMX
    Rocky Mountain RMX Pro
    Rocky Mountain RMX Team
    Rocky Mountain Switch
    Rocky Mountain Switch Pro
    Rocky Mountain Switch SL
    Salsa Cycles Caballero with XT-LX
    Salsa Cycles Caballero with XTR
    Santa Cruz Blur X Disc
    Santa Cruz Blur XTR Disc
    Santa Cruz Bullit R Freeride
    Santa Cruz Bullit Saint
    Santa Cruz Heckler Saint
    Santa Cruz Heckler X Disc
    Santa Cruz Juliana Superlight R
    Santa Cruz Juliana Superlight X Disc
    Santa Cruz Superlight R
    Santa Cruz Superlight X Disc
    Santa Cruz V-10
    Santa Cruz VP-Free R Freeride
    Santa Cruz VP-Free X Freeride
    Schwinn Rocket 1
    Schwinn Rocket 2
    Schwinn Rocket 3
    Sinister Bikes R9 (frame)
    Specialized Big Hit Comp
    Specialized Big Hit Expert
    Specialized Big Hit Grom
    Specialized Big Hit SPEC
    Specialized Demo 9 DH
    Specialized Demo 9 Pro
    Specialized Enduro Comp
    Specialized Enduro Expert
    Specialized Enduro Pro
    Specialized Epic
    Specialized Epic Comp Disc
    Specialized Epic Marathon
    Specialized Epic Pro
    Specialized Epic Women's
    Specialized FSR XC
    Specialized FSR XC Pro
    Specialized FSR XC Pro Disc
    Specialized FSR XC Pro Women's
    Specialized Stumpjumper FSR
    Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Anniversary
    Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Elite Disc
    Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Elite Disc Women's
    Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert
    Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert Disc
    Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Pro Disc
    Specialized S-Works Enduro
    Specialized S-Works Epic
    Specialized S-Works Epic Disc
    Titus Loco-Moto
    Titus Quasi-Moto
    Titus Racer-X
    Titus Super-Moto
    Titus Super-Moto DH
    Titus Switchblade
    Tomac 204 Magnum
    Tomac Eli
    Tomac Revolver
    Tomac Revolver Ti
    Transition Bikes DirtBag
    Transition Bikes Preston
    Transition Bikes Preston FR
    Trek Fuel 100
    Trek Fuel 70
    Trek Fuel 80
    Trek Fuel 90
    Trek Fuel 90 Disc
    Trek Fuel 90 WSD
    Trek Fuel 95
    Trek Fuel 98
    Trek Fuel 98 Disc
    Trek Liquid 10
    Trek Liquid 25
    Trek Liquid 30
    Trek Liquid 55
    Trek Y 26
    Turner 5 Spot
    Turner Burner
    Turner DHR
    Turner Rail
    Ventana El Chamuco
    Ventana El Cuervo
    Ventana El Fuego
    Ventana El Saltamontes
    Ventana La Bruja
    Ventana X-5
    Weyless 2004 SP
    Weyless 2004 SP Pro
    Weyless 2004 XP
    Weyless 2004 XP Pro
    Yeti AS-R 575 Disc
    Yeti AS-R 575 Pro
    Yeti AS-R 575 Race Disc
    Yeti AS-R SL Disc
    Yeti AS-R SL Pro
    Yeti AS-R SL Race Disc
    Yeti AS-X Freeride
    Yeti Kokopelli AS

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    Why don't you go to your local bike shops, find one you like and then see which of their brands fits you the best (a good LBS will make the bike fit you, not you to the bike)? It sounds like you may not be ready to go it alone and do it all through the Internet, might need a friend at the LBS. Most non-boutique brands have something in that price range, so focus on fit.

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    i love my airborne marauder

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    great passion hit, thanks!

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    My Giant Trance X4 is a bit heavy but bulletproof so far...$1400

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    6 year old thread , outstanding .

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    its not jus about you. its about everyone researching these bikes

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    mods take this thread down tis to old

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