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    Popping my cherry on the forum! (but there's a good story too)

    So I had an interesting ride today and thought I'd share, maybe you guys/girls will get more of a kick than my girlfriend did. And there could be a take home message.

    I was riding along my usual single track around a lake just outside of Philly when I came across a tree down in the trail. The branches and leaves were right in the trail and it was small enough to move. So I decided to move it and be a good friend to the trail riders. WRONG!! As I approached the tree, it felt like my leg got caught on a pricker, but there was none around. I apparently disturbed a hornet party that was a real rage-r... I ended up getting stung like 8 or 10 times. It was pretty amusing (not at the time of course), but my immediate reaction was to run and jump in the lake that was 20 ft away even with all my gear: back pack, shoes, gloves, cell phone... But it surprisingly worked the bees left me alone. However I didn't completely go under the water and I got stung on my neck. Pretty unfortunate situation, but now it's pretty funny to me. Just the 5 mile ride back to the car was very wet.

    Just so you all know, step on a bee's nest, or hit one with a rock, however you disturb them, run into the water! It works.

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    i went through a similar experience but without the bees and bee-stings, i threw the brush to the side and went on with my ride... never even thinking that i could be swarmed... i will forever keep my head on a swivel when pursing altruistic endeavors on the trails

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    Lucky for you that there was a lake 20 feet away and that you're not allergic

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    Having working in the woods as a logger for many years and having been beed numerous times the old-timers say, throw handfuls of dust into the air, jump into the bushes or water and put gasoline or anything that evaporates on the sting...that seems the take some of the venom as it evaporates.

    When I have been biking and had bees after me I just keep


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    As a beekeeper and biker, Hornets are not bees. My experience has always been hornets have bad attitudes and will sting whenever. But they also have short memories so jumping in the water works.

    Bees on the other hand, donít sting unless you threaten the hive or are offensive to them in some way. The water works BUT they will also wait around until they see movement and start all over when you attempt to get out. It sounds counterintuitive but getting the bee stingers out is #1 (it leaves an odor that encourages the other bees to attack, #2 get rid of that sting odor (water and smoke works, diesel and gas just pisses them off that much more), then slow down to a snailís pace and make all your movement slow and deliberate.

    Honey bees have dedicated guards and you are their entertainment!

    And the answer is: yes I do get stung (often in fact) and yes it still hurts. I just donít swell up or get big welts. I also have more honey than I can eat!

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    When I used to operate a landscaping business I once walked over a patch of dirt while pushing a lawn mower. I suddenly felt a bunch of stinging all over my lower legs. Without looking down to see what it was I calmly backed up the lawn mower because the stinging felt exactly like when a mower kicks up dirt and hits your legs. But the stinging didn't stop and that perturbed me. I finally glanced down thinking "That's odd" and saw a swarm of hornets stinging my legs! I had to run all over the place like a mad man before those damned hornets got tired of tormenting me!

    I also used to mow the lawn of a bee keeper. At first I was concerned about getting to close to the hives but the bee keeper insisted the bees wouldn't sting me unless I disturbed the hive. Sure enough, when I mowed next to the hive, the bees that were flying in and out of the hive would literally bump into me because they usually didn't have me as an obstacle. After bumping into me, they would back up and fly around me. It was very humorous. Bees are really cool. If you don't disturb them, you can get extremely close to them as they extract nectar from flowers. They won't pay you any mind and they are fascinating and beautiful to watch really up close. Give it a try! I think the problem is hornets don't die when they sting. My understanding is that bees severe their abdomen and die when they try to extract their stinger so they might not sting so quickly.


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