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    Once I tore down this steep hill in my local trails that made a 90-degree turn to the left right after the bottom. I hit the corner way too fast, locked my front wheel into a nose-wheelie while tail-whipping the back end around the curve into a graceful exit. It was a panicked move and not in the least bit intentional.

    Another time, I hit a little kicker off the side of the trail just as some mud hit my glasses and nearly blinded me. I did a very cool tailwhip off the jump without really trying to and stuck the landing. Had I thought about intentionally doing that, it would've been a wreck because I'm not a graceful rider.

    Have you ever made a riding "mistake" that turned out really cool?
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    Heh. Yes. Once I was trying to clear a monster log. I mean, big. I got the front tire up, stopped, but instead of bailing, I rolled backwards off the log (pedalling backwards), turned 90 degrees (backwards) and rode off!

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    One time at band camp . . .
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    I passionately remove rocks and corners and other stuff I find too hard to ride.

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    Once at the top of small technical climb I stalled. There was rider right behind me and without thinking I put my feet down and ran a few steps while still straddling the bike just to keep moving, and then re-mounted. It was so automatic it all looked pretty smooth. Not like sticking a crazy landing, but the guy behind me thought it was the coolest thing he'd seen in a long time.
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    I was riding with some guys and, even though they were walking their bikes through the creek, I decided to ride through it. Went over a rock on the edge only to find it dropped off into the water much deeper and steeper than I thought. I'm going OTB and thinking "I'm about to get really wet" but I somehow jumped off to the side and landed on my feet in the creek. Surprised, I look to my right and see my bike's rear wheel just hitting the apex of flipping over, so I reach over and catch it by the saddle.
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    Cool-blue Rhythm

    I was going down fast Into a deep drop with a nasty G-out at the bottom that I could not yet see and this girl screamed.
    Her boyfriend was crashed In the G-out and wrapped up In his bike, not going anywhere.

    I did some of the best Pro level braking ever and came to a stop within a few feet of this guys face and fore arm, sprayed Him with gravel and sand big time.

    I forgot to unclip and fell over like a clown on a circus tricycle :P

    Wait Wait,,sorry, Guess mine was a Wow,,Oops, not a Oops, Wow :P
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    I was riding with my cousin a very long time ago and I was stopped to watch him in a tricky bit of trail. He flew OTB through the air stretched out like Superman and landed on his feet running. It was one of the most impressive landings that I've ever seen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by osco View Post
    i was going down fast into a deep drop with a nasty g-out at the bottom that i could not yet see and this girl screamed.
    Her boyfriend was crashed in the g-out and wrapped up in his bike, not going anywhere.

    I did some of the best pro level braking ever and came to a stop within a few feet of this guys face and fore arm, sprayed him with gravel and sand big time.

    Then I left with his girlfriend.

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    When I was a kid I used to jump everything on my BMX bike. There was a row of trash bags near the curb at the neighbor's house and I attempted to jump 4 or 5 in a line off about a 4" curb. I took a run at it, hit the curb with a perfectly timed bunny hop, and was 99% of the way to looping off the back of the bike. I was still riding coaster brakes at the time and when I landed I locked up the rear wheel and actually skidded about 3 feet in a wheelie before the front wheel slammed down. I've never even heard of that trick being done - esp. on pavement.

    Another one was me being sort of a jerk and showing off by "outriding" the group leader into a bunch of rock slabs on a trail I'd never been on before. I was hauling and everyone else was going slow - 'cause I'm so cool, right.
    Well, the trail went ledge down, ledge down, ledge UP!, ledge down. I hit the ledge UP! so hard I thought my front wheel broke, but it didn't. It just made *that sound*. And instead of going OTB at ludicrous speed, I rode a nose wheelie off the next ledge which gave me just enough room/time to sort myself out and keep going. I was slightly less of a jerk after that.

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    Somehow my rear end was popped up by a log into a nose-manual before a turn. Couldn't really brake with going OTB, so I ended up riding the manual through the whole turn. I doubt I could do it again if I tried.

    Another time I started sliding off a wet wooden bridge. Dropped the bike and did a pop up slide to neatly stand facing the guy I was riding with. Although that was far more graceful than fishing the bike out of the stream afterward lol.

    ...but those are the times it accidentally worked out. I've got plenty of scars from the times it didn't. Oops! Stay safe everybody.
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    I have the inverse problem. "I got this" and gravity replies "no, you don't".

    I do remember a snowboard holy smokes I can't believe I just pulled that off moment though. My friend and I found a powder stash nobody had ridden yet on Stowe Mtn VT. The crux move was a 70° or so rock face about 20 feet tall we had been bombing run after run getting all the fresh lines. It was awkward as the trees were tight and you needed to carry enough speed to not stall in the deep pow at the bottom but not so much you went flying into the trees. I had noticed a large down tree at the edge of the glades that fell down the face. You would have to huck about 4' off the cliff onto it then off it over some 8' saplings and drop down the other side into really tight trees to pull it off. Way over my skillset.

    Well we were gaining confidence and speed with each run not spending anytime scouting our next line before dropping the cliff. I was in the lead about to drop the cliff when hear and see a bunch of girls standing at the bottom. My only option now was the log huck or risk riding into them. There was a brief moment mid huck where time slowed down...should I warn them? am I going to die? I choose silence and rode it out like I knew what I was doing. At some point I heard them all stop talking and when I swished through the saplings sending snow cascading everywhere I heard them WOWING it up. That 3 seconds of rockstardom felt pretty damn good.

    Another time I said to my buddy "hey watch this" , then proceeded to ski right into a tree concussing myself. On the way home I drove the wrong way on the highway for about 4 hours before realizing it. Not so good.
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    Nope. All my oops turn out bad.
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