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    One of those special days...

    Every so often in our lives we have those moments when everything just clicks. In that very moment there is absolutely nothing wrong, everything is in its place and you are completely at peace with your self. You never know when these moments are going to happen but when they do you’re overcome with an almost eerie oneness with your self.

    I had one of those moments today. As you may already suspect, for me it happened on my Mountain Bike. I didn’t ride any special place or explore a new trail. I have been there many times. Right from the car my head was full of random thoughts and life questions. I had a reasonably good day at work and nothing out of the ordinary happened. I rode to the trail head taking it easy, and yes I do know how to take it easy! It took about 15 minutes to get to there and I was feeling well rested. What happened next was amazing.

    It was like when the first tread of my front tire that hit the dirt I was in another place. Almost instantly I was able to hear my every heart beat in my head and feel every breath come in and out of my body. I could see everything with a clarity that was so vibrant and sharp. I swear I could count the tinny yellow pedals on the tops of the trail side flowers. All the colors stood out like never before. Every part of my bike felt like it was connected to my nervous system. With every shift I could hear each click of the shifters as the tiny internal parts pulled on the cables. The feel of the grips and brake levers never felt so right. I didn’t have to even think, everything just seamed to happen like second nature.

    I was never working hard or breathing heavy. I felt every roll of sweat and at times I would see a drop fall and hit the dirt. I mean I could actually see it all the way down, almost like in slow motion. My legs spun freely and my shoes never felt more comfortable. I was in total peace with the earth. The light breeze had a little chill to it but was silent. I could only hear the birds and hidden creatures in the bushes. I did see two snakes but I wasn’t startled at all. The first one was a baby Rattler and the other a simple Gopher snake. Each one was within inches of my tires sunning it’s self on the road. I had the overwhelming feeling that they welcomed me into their environment.

    When the trail started to go downward things got even better. As well as not having a single thought in my head for the last 20 min’s or so I was ripping down the trail like never before. The terrain was dry and loose on top. The kind of stuff that will slam you in a second if you’re not on you “A” game, believe me I know! I was glued to the ground. The bike didn’t make a single noise. No chain slap, no freewheel zing nothing at all. Then slowly I could start to hear the tires. Kind of a ripping sound as they clawed into the ground and shot me out the corners. Every lean I made was spot on. Each pull of the brakes had just the right amount of pressure, it was amazing!!!!!

    Everything seamed to happen just for me. Was it because I hadn’t been on my Mountain Bike for just over two weeks or did I really experience something special. All the way home I had a new feeling of self worth. I took the side streets and looked at everything. I looked at every person and wondered if they had ever felt like I did at that moment. I was so scared to loose this feeling. It’s slowly wearing off as I ease back into the common realities of life. Bills, taxes, work friends and opinions. I have been left with a bit of ease though. I’m calm and relaxed. When I picked up my cat I could tell he noticed a change in me. I have heard that animals notice people’s personalities better than other people. If he’s ok with this new me that it can’t be that bad.

    Will I wake up feeling the same way in the morning? I hope so. Should I think of this feeling as often as I can so I can apply it to everyday life? I will do my best. What did I learn from it? I learned that we all have that special place inside that can take us away from it all. If we learn how to control it, we will be unstoppable…..
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    That's it. All there is. "Now".

    If we learn how to control it, we will be unstoppable…..
    Or surrender control....

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