My Riding Season is Over-
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    My Riding Season is Over

    It ended on a 90 degree day in October in the northeast and the last two months have been high note on top of high note.

    Last Sunday I spent a full day at a bike festival demoing all the Santa Cruz bikes I had expressed interest in this summer.

    Somewhere around the forth demo (this time on a new Tallboy) I came upon a group of "old" guys lamenting their conditioning. One said he felt like 60. "So do I," I responded. "How old are you?" one asked. "70" I said as I rode off.

    They fell in behind and we soon came to some twisty singletrack. I heard them so I pulled over where their was room because I hate to hold up people. One asked if I was alright. "Yeah" I told them. "I just hate to hold up a group." To that another responded, "hold us up? Hell, we can hardly keep up with you." That made my day. Might have made the whole season.

    I think going to the ER for the first bike related injury was also a July highlight. The nurses kept questioning me to clarify what really happened when I told them I crashed mountain biking and my wife, also a nurse, told me to go to the ER and get stitched up.

    The general impression was that I must have fallen off my bike on the sidewalk. Finally, one nurse, who's son rode DH at a local ski area, asked if by mountain biking, I meant like her son's DH. "Yup" I told her, just about like that since I've ridden DH at the same area too.

    She told the other nurses and the attending physician that I crashed in a rock garden and hiked out a couple miles having little choice other then bleeding to death or something like that. I smiled a lot when I told the story to my wife.

    On my road bike, I hit 55 mph on a downhill. The speed limit was 35 mph. I'm a sprinter, not a GC rider, and I lagged far behind on climbs and let gravity help me make up the difference. Everything else on my bike computer matched everyone else's info. If it didn't, I would not have believed how fast I went but it did so I do.

    Three days ago, I ended on another high riding two hours straight at a local area and actually passing a couple people on a climb. I never used to pass people on a climb - ever!

    I have to end the season now. We leave for a month in Hawaii in three days and there are other things that I need to attend to.* When we get back, it will be November, and time to ski.

    Good grief, turning 70 has worked out quite well. I'm looking forward to 71 and a new Tallboy.

    Enjoy life, it's not so short after all.

    * I did locate a shop on Kauai within walking distance of the ocean front condo we are renting so maybe the season isn't over yet.

    PS: Since originally posting this, I rode with my 4 year old granddaughter - her on her push bike and me on my 17 year old IF hardtail (26", of course). She hates to lose and takes advantage of the really tight turning radius on what must be 10" wheels to keep cutting in front of me. No matter what, its all fun.
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    Awesome, love it!
    Passion, physicality, and the great outdoors... Ponce De Leon just needed a bike.
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    I have met my hero and his name is bubba. Who would have guessed!
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    Great post!

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    Rock on.
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    Good to hear.

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    Probably sounds like a bunch of masochist's but I think we all relished in that vision of an E.R. where pointed questions (secretly about one's mental acuity) and exactly what type of riding and biking were going on brought you in.
    Great short story... keep em coming !

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    Great story! Sorry I'm a little late to this!

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    Right on Rev!

    I rode with my 29 and 31 year-old sons yesterday. I waited for them at the top of every climb and they waited for me at the bottom of every descent. I'll take that.
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    Haha! That's great!
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    Great passion post! I rode with 23 other riders yesterday and I'm pretty sure at least half of them were not yet born when my wife and I got married. I waited for them at the top, and I even waited on several at the bottom. Age is just a number!

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