Today Being memorial day h, had a few people over. the ride consisted of me ,My Son Peter , I Are baboon , MtBikerChk , Quo_fan, BigT , IF_rider , Bob, Strangeland2, Vincent, Crocketjr and the Silver Turtle ( Dirtrider2 ).

into the woods we went .

MBC over some rocks , from this pic is looks so easy , buit not when your doing it , miss the Line and it is OTB

Strangland2 , hugging the rock

I Are baboons Turn

My Some doing a Roller


MtBikerchk with Big T behind her down a rock , here again this is a Bigger rock then it looks

MtBikerChk in a Rock Garden

I Are baboons turn for rock garden goodness as Crocketjr looks on

I Are Baboon flies between the tree

My Son does another roller

I Are baboon on the Frame twister

We ran into Nebraska, Liner1 , Roses , Double D , etc ,etc on the trail and Nebraska gets in to the photo

Quo_fan flies too

my SOn has been wantiong to see some one hit this Jump , nasty landing , so the Silver turtle accomadated the request.

My Son , Bob and MBC riding down

MtBikerChk does a final creek cross

and fianlly on our way back to my Place for Burgers , Dogs and beer , was a good day !