MAN!!! What a great ride this weekend!!!-
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    ... and if we just ... MAN!!! What a great ride this weekend!!!

    I decided to head back home to WV for the weekend for a ride. So I packed up my truck, took a half day off of work and squealed tires out of DC @ about 1:15 Friday. Made great time to Clay Co. to my uncle's place. Stopped at the local Go Mart to buy him a case of beer as a thanks for letting me stay at his place which I also helped him drink! I got up on Saturday morning and the sun was shinning, some frost on the glass, but the weather man said it was to be in the high 50's. Great, so I dressed up and was on the road by 9 since I had called Lowcel and he was to meet me Kanawha State Forest @ 10:30. We were just getting started on the trail when Lowcel saw some friends of his so we waited around for them to join us. What came as a bummer though was that these guys wanted to ride with us so when we reached Teaberry trail I asked everyone if they wanted to head down it. They replied yea! so Lowcel and I headed off. 1/2 mile down the trail Lowcel and I stopped and was waited for them to catch up. After a few, it was clear that they were held up so I headed back up the trail to see what was up. Ended up going all the back to the trail head and finding out that these guy bailed on us!! NOT COOL!!! Lowcel was a bit ticked about that. We didn't have a problem if they didn't want to ride the trail, but to say yea and then bail.....weeellll. Left a bad taste in my mouth. Anyhow we continued the ride and had a great time. 3 times up Middle Ridge. The 3rd time up I ran into another friend and he joined us as we headed down Mossy Rock and back to the pool parking lot. By then, Lowcel and my friend were done for the day and I wanted to hit a couple more trails. So I said thanks, by and headed off. By now I figured I had gone about 15 to 18 miles and was a bit tired myself, but since I don't make it out here often, 'specially with weather this nice, I was determined to make the most of it. So I did the last couple trails and headed back to my car. I figured it out nto be about 20 to 22 mile ride.

    I made a couple observations while I was riding. When you don't ride something technical often, you loose a certain amount of confindence (sp) than when you rode the place all the time. A few places I was starting to balk at but I knew deep down that I could, and did, ride them. It just has been awhile. Does anyone else get like that???

    Well, anyways, I got great gas milage on my truck taking off my tailgate, had a great ride and a great drive home. My GF was happy to see me and Lowcel, you're welcome and thank YOU for the ride!! Richard, if you're reading this, I give ya a ring next time I'm town!!

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    Alright, let's ride!
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    It definately was a great ride, very much needed. Now we just need to start working on the plans for Pisgah.

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