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    The Jinx

    A bit of prep for this story...

    I run sales for a growing, startup logistics company and work some pretty insane hours. 70-80 hour weeks aren't uncommon. I also travel about 70% and when I'm not traveling, I live over 60 miles, one way, from our Atlanta headquarters. I spend a LOT of time in traffic.

    So combine long hours with nearly constant business travel and 3+ hours of commuting a day, and it's easy to see how rare it is that I get a mid-week ride. My riding mainly consists of 2 hours on Saturday and 2 hours on Sunday. About once every month, I manage to fit in a mid-week ride.

    Yesterday was one of those days. I worked from home and things calmed down nicely at the end of the day so I packed up my bike for an evening ride.

    As I was getting ready, I was talking to my wife about riding and mentioned how much I love tubeless tires. I've been tubeless for about a year and a half. I then made a critical error when I said "18 months tubeless and I have yet to get a flat!"

    Sure enough, 20 minutes into my ride, I crossed a stream on a high speed descent faster than I normally do and BAM! Flat rear tire. I don't know if I burped it or punctured it but it was definitely flat.

    I take off the rear wheel and start to pump won't push air. Uh Oh.

    No worries, I have CO2 backup with two cartridges. I fill the tire and it won't hold air. 1 CO2 down.
    No worries, I have a tube. I put the tube in and use the last CO2. I'm off!

    10 minutes later...PFFFFFTTTssssssssssssssssss...another flat.

    Walk to car.

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    The downside of tubeless is that, if you do have a flat, the tubeless system has been plugging up holes from thorns and whatnot with amazing efficiency. When you throw a tube in there, it is likely that there is something sticking in the tire that will cause a flat in a tube. Gotta plow through the goop in there from the Stan's and make sure there aren't any stickers or thorns waiting to cause a problem.

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    Damn! I hope the work/life balance thing is only temporary, I get frustrated on my 6 mile drive home, couldn't imagine giving up so much of my precious time getting to and from work...

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    I also throw a few alcohol wipes in my pack. Ever try to patch a tube covered in sealant. It's not gonna happen unless you have something to clean the sealant off, and water doesn't cut it, I've tried.

    And make sure your mini pump works! But the OP has learned that already.
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    Don't jump to conclusions.

    I commuted four hours a day (two each way, mostly by rail) during the vast majority of my working career and still got in 100 days on a bike and 40-50 days skiing every year so it can be done. If you live near trails and mountains, it is possible, and, no, I did not neglect the family. They rode and skied too.

    Once you decide what you want to do, you will find a way to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rev Bubba View Post

    Once you decide what you want to do, you will find a way to do it.
    Amen, Rev...


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    OP reads like the jinx is the job...

    Superglue powers right through sealant residue. Ditch anything like traditional tube cement (which evaporates in, what, a week?) and replace with a tube of superglue. Sheesh, you can put a rubber patch on the outside of your tubeless tire and run it for miles, let alone inside a wet tire or with/on a tube. Traditional rubber patches are getting harder to find; make em out of a spent tube.

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