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    I kinda like this idea....

    I just saw this on CNN.COM and thought it was interesting. Granted that this is in France, but I kinda like the idea. No big suv's on the road. I like the survey at the end about 4x4 use. I'll bet we could find simular results here in the U.S. The thing I DON'T like about it is that in infringes on personal rights.

    PARIS, France -- Bulky, gas-guzzling sports utility vehicles (SUVs) could be banned from the chic but traffic-clogged streets of Paris within 18 months following a resolution passed by the city council.

    Denis Baupin, a leading Green party councilor who tabled the resolution, says the designer jeeps are "not suited to towns" and he could not understand why people drove the fashionable "off-roaders."

    "They're polluters, they're space-occupiers, they're dangerous for pedestrians and other road users. They're a caricature of a car."

    Deputy Mayor Baupin said Wednesday that the resolution could lead to a ban on the increasingly popular vehicles in about 18 months if it is included in an overall project to improve traffic flow in the city.

    "We have no interest in having SUVs in the city. They're dangerous to others and take up too much space, " he said on Europe 1 radio.

    The city council voted to urge Socialist Mayor Bertrand Delanoe to consider banning SUVs, which have become increasingly popular and now make up about five percent of the French car market -- just below the western Europe average.

    Baupin said Paris, which has been setting aside more lanes for buses and bicycles since a Socialist and Greens coalition took over City Hall in 2001, could not legally ban SUVs outright.

    "Our idea is to limit the circulation of the most polluting vehicles," he said. "That means SUVs and lots of other vehicles that don't meet European pollution standards."

    Plane include banning 4x4s from Paris city centre during peak pollution periods, and denying their owners residents' parking permits. Off-roaders could also be banned from protected areas like the Bois de Boulogne and the banks of the river Seine.

    The proposal, certain to be opposed by motoring groups, follows similar remarks by the mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, who in May month described SUVs as "bad for London -- completely unnecessary" and called their owners "complete idiots."

    Britain's Guardian newspaper reported a survey showing that just one in eight 4x4 drivers had driven their car off-road, and six in 10 never take it out of town.

    The Guardian added that France caught on late to the vogue for SUVs, mainly because Renault, Peugeot and Citroen have not so far offered them.

    But with luxury carmakers like Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Porsche selling plush leather-upholstered 4x4s, the vehicles are an increasingly common sight in Paris's wealthier quarters. Sales surged by 11 percent in France last year.

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    I'm not sure you could say that banning SUV's is an infringement of personal rights. Driving is a privledge and not a right. There are lots of restrictions on vehicles. Tractor trailors come in 100" and 102" widths. Some towns have restrictions or bans on the wider ones.

    I don't see how banning SUV's would sit to well with the people though. Suppose someone who lives outside of the city has an SUV, because they actually use it for offroad, and it's their only vehicle. Are they banned from ever going into the city? And if you ban SUV's, what about delivery trucks? They're bigger and polute even more.

    I could see restrictions, taxes, non-suv parking spaces, etc. to help deter their use acceptable, but not a total ban.

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    europe is wierd like that

    I have spent time in both paris and London it is amazingly different but they don't have very many SUVs to ban in the first place. I spent 2 weeks in London and only saw one pickup!! and not a single large SUV maybe the outskirts are different but they are into tiny cars like this http://www.thesmart.co.uk/index.html I drive a Chevy Tahoe which is large but here in the USA not Huge like the excursion or even suburban. I was trying to tell a london friend of mine what it was like (he didn't even know what any of the large SUVs were) and the only thing I could find to compare it to were Land Rovers. and he thought the Land rovers were huge! when I told him my truck was bigger he could barely grasp it. other than commercial vehicles which are also smaller than our own, the land rover is pretty much the biggest vehicle on the road I could find and they are only about the size of an Ford Explorer (slightly shorter I think). Maybe in the last year and a half SUV sales have increased but I was pretty surprised to see that in europe nearly everyone drives a pregnant rollerskate around. you even see business men in suits on mopeds quite often. I am just glad that I do not live in any of the large european cities they have their perks but it is not the life for me.

    here is another shot of the tiny cars that the big city europeans are into http://www.photo.net/photo/pcd0796/smart-swatch-car-38

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    Not all of Europe is in for small cars

    European suburban
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    Why not just ban all motor vehicle traffic in the city center, like they tried to do in London?
    How did they ever make out in London with that plan, anyway? Did it fly?
    keep moving

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    Screw that. I drive a jeep on 35" tires that I regularly use for off-road activities. So now I should have to buy a second car and pay for a second insurance just so I can drive downtown. Thats stupid. its a good idea of you drive a civic and it won't effect you. Ban ALL cars and make people ride bikes to work, or ban soccer moms in suv's but don't screw over people who acctualy have a need for 4WD

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