Great ride on Saturday (Long)-
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    Great ride on Saturday (Long)

    What a beautiful day. Kley and I met at Soquel Demo at 8:30..well actually 8:40..I was late. It was a little crisp this morning. I had to defrost the windshield before leaving.

    Kley showed up with a brand new $6K Maverick FS that his LBS allowed him to demo. It's a sweet bike. Full XTR with a 6" Maverick fork . The only problems were that the rear shock was low and the front derailler wouldn't shift into the big ring. Was this the issue I read about? No matter how I adjusted the FD, it wouldn't go to the big ring easily.

    Maybe it was the high stop?...nope. Oh well. Who needs a big ring at SDF anyway. It was about 9:15 before we started riding. I remembered Francis (MTBR Chief Wizard) writing that he'd be riding SDF starting at 9:30. I wondered if we'd run into each other.

    We climbed up Buzzard lagoon to the top. Kley blasted to the top on the Maverick and I followed some distance behind keeping my own slow plodding pace. The day was beautiful. I hadn't seen it this clear in over a month.

    We got to the top and rested....getting ready to blast down Ridge and Braille. The view from the top was breathtaking. It's usualy a bit foggy at the top and the view is obscured. Not today. We had a birds' eye view of the Monterey Bay. Pristine blue....amazing.

    We were just about ready to ride the singletrack when we saw Francis, Ray, and 2 or 3 other riders. I can't remember their names at the moment....I plead the beer factor.

    We all stood around shooting the sh1t. I was expecting to see Francis on his new 5 Spot, but he was riding his trusty SS. The Spot isn't built up yet.

    We took off down the Ridge Trail. It was in great shape. It was damp, but gave great traction. There were a few nasty spots, but they were few and far between. We blasted down Ridge to the Helicopter pad where we all regrouped.

    One of the riders (he rode a Ti hardtail....I'm bad with names...not bikes) showed us a brand new bench up over a small rise just opposite the helicopter pad. The bench overlooked Nisene Marks to the sea....another superb vista. It was amazing!

    Kley and I were planning to ride Braille...climb back up Sulphur springs...then do Braille again. Francis mentioned that Sawpit was in great shape...and that we should ride it. OK...what the heck. I've never been on Sawpit. Francis and group were going down Braille for a single loop.

    Kley and I flew down Ridge toward Sawpit. There are a few nice log piles and drops to play on. We ended up behind a group of 4 riders heading toward Sawpit. We all came upon a drop. It wasn't a big drop...only about 1.5 - 2 feet. The issue was that there was no rollout and the lead into the drop was on a fairly steep downhill. You had about 6 feet to avoid hitting 2 good sized trees.

    The first guy didn't make it. No injuries. The next guy went back up the hill a little to attempt the drop. He hit the drop and looked like he was going head-first into a tree...when all of a sudden he fishtails the bike 90 degrees into a trackstand.....amazing. We we all whooping and hollering. It was fun to watch. I didn't attempt it. I'm coming back with armor.

    We hit Sawpit and it was great! Fast and not too steep with some nice dropoffs. That's when it happened. I had gained some speed flying over the roots on a straight section of the trail. I really thought that I had cleared all of the roots. Maybe I shouldn't have been wearing dark glasses in a dark forest. Oh well. I banked the bike hard for fun...hard left...hard right.....root...I hit the ground before I could react. I evidently hit the root while carving the right turn. Unfortunately, my upper thigh landed on one of those root ends that stick straight up about 3" out of the ground. hurt like hell.

    After the stinging stopped, we continued the ride. I figure that I'd have a big bruise on the back of my thigh. We got to the bottom of Hinh Mill Road and started climbing out. It seemed way more difficult than usual.

    It was so tough for me that when we got to Sawpit I didn't want to climb back up. We decided to pack it in and climb back to the vehicles. The climb was so much more difficult than ever.

    When I got home I realized why I was so wiped. I had take 2 liters of water on the ride and had almost all of it at the end. I was totally dehydrated. I tend to forget to drink when riding in cool weather.

    All in all...A great ride with friends and acquaintences (sp)on a beautiful day.
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    Tru Dat

    I often get back to the truck with a full bladder. (The Camel pack... not mine) when it's cool. If it's out right cold... I remember to drink, but if it's comfy cool outside... I may as well leave the water behind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by travistheone
    great rideup... i mean writeup i thought u were goin to say u broke ur leg or sumithn crazy. yeha i sometimes forget to bring a drink on winter rides.
    I really have to try to drink more when riding in cold weather. I rode around all day with 2 liters of water. All of that extra weight and I didn't even drink it.

    After I typed up the ride report yesterday, I realized that the bruise was worse than I originally thought. The back of my thigh had a lump the size of a baseball. I iced it a few times. This morning it's turning all sorts of colors.

    It's interesting. Mountainbiking is so much fun that even with an's still great. Broken bones suck, of course, but minor bashes, scrapes and bruises are part of the game.

    Ride on.

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