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    forgot how much i loved my Hard tail!!!!

    so i only rode my hard tail for a short time befor i decided to buy a FS.

    i've been riding my FS diamondback ever since but due to some mataince problems the FS is down

    so last week i took out my hard tail as an only option. and i've been on it for the past 7 days straight. and i'm here to tell ya its a whole other animal and i love it .

    i cannot believe how much fun this bike is and i've had it the whole time.

    moral: my hard tail is the bomb and i didnt even know it !


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    I had the same experience last year when my full squishy was in the shop for three weeks. The hard tail was refreshingly different. Not quite better, mind you, but pleasantly different.

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    Yup. Exactly the reason I sold my FS. Just had more fun on the hardtail and full rigid.

    Not better bikes. Just more fun for me to ride.

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    yes, i do have to agree that going back to a hardtail after all the years of FS hype has been a blessing. just the way it rides makes it very fun n enjoyable. its like back to the basics and forget bout all the FS maintenance and such.

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    And there's yet another benefit . . .

    . . . beyond rediscovering the passion of the hardtail. Sure there's the fun, the reaquaintance with the joy of simplicity, and the rebuilding of old skills--but then you'll be amazed at what you can do when you hop back on the fully!

    I returned to my HT while waiting for some parts for my FS. I enjoyed it so much, I didn't even hop back on the FS after the parts arrived. When I finally did, I was astonished at what I was capable of. Now, I tend to give my 11yr old HT equal time with my 2 FS bikes to keep myself sharp and enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with cleaning a tough section on it that would be too easy on the fully.

    What's next, a fully rigid SS?
    All other things are rarely equal . . .

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    Wot he said!^^^^^^ I ride my HT during winter to try and save the bearings in my Reign (and its easier to clean!) First ride on the susser felt odd TBH, but after 3 rides I feel back at home and am getting more air and faster seeing as its all so plush now.

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    I feel really kind of blessed that I've got 2 HT's (a 1x9 with 120mm fork and a rigid SS 29r) as well as my Santa Cruz Nickel. I have ridden solely HT for about 6 years until recently having previously had quite a few FS bikes and my skills have improved massively because of it. I'm just glad I now get to choose the bike to suit the ride and the mood!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fischman
    . . . beyond rediscovering the passion of the hardtail. ...

    What's next, a fully rigid SS?
    I went through something similar to your case. After years of FS and longer travel, costlier gimmicks and other 'things' I had to use an older, smaller framed, simple geared and even v-braked HT when my FS went down for awhile. Wow, did i rediscover riding passion !
    At that time i was already considering a SS.....and, after this re-experiment with the HT, the FS went for sale !

    Yup, i ended up SS fully rigid...
    Simple, not easy.

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    Long live the 26" HardTails
    Noxubee Hills Trail System's FB page

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    Quote Originally Posted by pointerDixie214
    Yup. Exactly the reason I sold my FS. Just had more fun on the hardtail and full rigid.

    Not better bikes. Just more fun for me to ride.
    thats why i ride them, well that and it puts a cap on how big i will go (its not really working).

    still kinda sucks i may have to stop riding one, my knees and ankles are starting to go and im only 17 .
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    Riding a mtb is like a reset button, 10 mins in and there is nothing else in the world that matters.
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