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    Epic ride on a rigid 29er SS

    I'm new to singlespeeds and 29ers and haven't ridden a rigid bike since 1989 but I got a chance to take this beauty for a nice ride today:

    Distance: 22 miles
    Total elevation gain: 0 ft.
    Strava Top 10s: 0
    Strava Top 100s: 0

    Butts Kicked:
    9 octogenarians on similar bikes
    2 roadies
    19.5 joggers (one was pushing a baby stroller)
    2 overloaded golf carts
    1 skateboarder
    Mine after passing the roadies...ugh...that was tough.

    But the view at the eastern turnaround point was pretty cool!

    So my idea is to organized a Beach Cruiser Buy-athlon. The rules are simple:

    Rigid single speed bikes only.
    Bars must rise at least 1 foot.
    Bike must have significant visible rust.
    Tires must be at least 2" wide and have evidence of dry rot.
    Bike must have a basket.
    No lycra allowed.
    All racers must wear flip-flops.

    The course involves riding Folley Beach from one end to the other. After the first lap, each rider must stop at the local grocery store and buy $20 worth of food to carry for the rest of the race.

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    Haha, awesome.

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    I'm concerned that you didn't achieve any Strava top 10s or even top 100s!!!! Please try a little harder on the next ride.

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    You've made Cruisin' seem so cool!

    Epic ride on a rigid 29er SS-fonzie.jpg
    F*ck Cancer

    Eat your veggies

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    Very cool. I enjoy beach cruises every now and then. Not much beach in Colorado, but when I am in my SoCal office, I enjoy getting out to Dana Point.

    Neat bike, too.

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    I received a 29er cruiser from my wife for Christmas last year (per my request). It's 7 speed and no basket, but it does hold 18oz. of freezing cold fresh beer.
    ...and I always ride in sandals.

    It's never easier - you just go faster.

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    I have a 1979 Murray Monterey cruiser I inherited from my late mother. Needs a bit of servicing, but it realistically has less than 25 miles of use on it. Frame, tires, and most of the components are made in the U.S.A., other “lesser” components were made in Japan, not China. I am sure it has some sort of value to a collector, as the original beige paint with pinstripes is in about 93% condition in terms of wear and tear (and storage). Been meaning to fix it up for my wife to ride, but I’m on the fence about upgrading the crappier quality components with modern-day equivalents– will it hinder the overall value?

    It looks EXACTLY like this picture I found on teh intarwebs:
    Name:  murray-monterey-bike.jpg
Views: 2448
Size:  32.1 KB
    Don’t frail and blow if you’re going to Braille and Flow.

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    Nice! The roadies you passed must be possers. By all rights, you shouldn't have had a chance!

    Regardless, I've been tossing around the idea of picking up a beach cruiser. I will for sure when I have kids. I don't want to leave them in the dust. I can go a nice comfortable place while they ride along beside, or behind me looking like little hamsters spinning like crazy!
    SS ==> Nut up or Shut up!

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    As much as this post was intended to be a joke (and, yes, I did pass the roadie posers!), I must say I THOROUGHLY enjoyed cruising around the Folly Island on a cruiser. I took that bike everywhere. Out of beer? No problem, I'll pedal down to Bert's for a six pack. Take-out for dinner? I'll go! Daughter forgot her rash guard for surf camp? I'll go get it!

    Having never lived anywhere where a bike was an effective mode of non-recreational transportation, this rusty beach cruiser made the vacation even more enjoyable.

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    I plan on some South Carolina beach cruising in September. Thanks for the stoke.

    Last year I spent some time at Virginia Beach and thoroughly enjoyed the freedom of a bike at the beach. The truck stayed parked.

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    Could this be a new category of mountain biking; the Stealth Cruiser?

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