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    Did you jump today?

    I did and it was glorious. Manned up and hit a step down i've been eyeing up for a while.

    Oh YEAH!

    Post up your jumps. Lets revel in their sillyness.

    Did you jump today?-img_20190216_090430_1.jpg
    Did you jump today?-img_20190216_091402_6.jpg

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    Wow cool pics!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mckinley View Post
    Wow cool pics!
    Cheers man, Thats right at my limit for madness.... Well maybe a little past it really.

    Now its been 2 days and no one else has jumped!

    Whats up?

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    Nice pics, I have jumped the last few days but ride solo so no pics and they would not be as impressive as yours. Keep it going.

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    If I got that much air, it wouldn't have been on purpose :-D

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    Damn dude - nice one!
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    Some more worthy jumps today. Hit the step up after the jump pictured above that was scaring me. Oh yeah it was sweet indeed. Fully stoked.

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    I went out with my friends to our jumping playground and I recorded a couple of them getting big air on the big boy trail called Blood Pressure out of 360 Trails in Gig Harbor, WA. My friend wrecked his brand new Transition Sentinel carbon and scratched up the frame pretty good. The bike was fine though! I do have the video (his POV) of the run and when he crashed. He has the habit of landing nose heavy on all big jumps.

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    I see what you guys are doing and I may as well try to land on the moon.

    I seldom jump (like for realz), so catching it on pixels is a very rare occasion, so this is just filler in this thread, but...

    This is about the biggest jump I would normally do.
    (I actually went out to catch a picture of me in the air - vid frame grab)

    Did you jump today?-fleajump1.jpg

    This is a really small jump

    Did you jump today?-rvjump.jpg

    This isn't even a jump. It's a teeter totter, but I did jump it.

    Did you jump today?-teeterfg.jpg

    Thus concludes my jump selfie library.

    It's never easier - you just go faster.

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