• 07-06-2011
    Camping, riding and a week (!) off the bike.... Photos....
    Wow.... Where has the time gone? I haven't taken that many photos, haven't ridden that many miles, but I sure feel pretty fortunate. The weekly kids' ride has grown, I spent a week with my amazing and crazy family in Mexico amid a tropical storm, gone riding and camping in the high country and am getting set to go spend the weekend camping and building trail. I'd say I have no complaints, and that would be an understatement.

    To start off, the kids' rides. We ride on pavement and dirt and try to include everybody, it ends with a cookout and smiles.

    Seems like everybody likes to stick their tongue out at the camera:

    She rocks!

    These two bring "fashion" to the trail:

    The tandems:

    This kid is about 8 years old and will try just about anything, and succeeds much of the time!

    Here are just a few photos from our quick little camping trip. We were "escaping the heat," we found rather chilly temperatures.


    Ballerina feet:

    Dirt and metal:

    Yep, we escaped the heat:

    Then I spent a week off the bike. I will put those photos in another post to save you from looking if you don't want to (and because I'm choking up too much bandwidth, having exceeded the number of photos for one post).

    Came home in time to celebrate the Fourth with the annual high country ride:

    Notice how bright and clean her jersey is:

    Most of it was singletrack, but the doubletrack was fun, too:

    "Those guys are scared of a little water." I think that's what she was saying about the guys in our group that were avoiding the puddles.

    Still smiling!

    Rinsing the mud off:

    End of the ride smiles:

    Dirt tan!

    I hope your past month was filled with sun, family and bikes like mine!
  • 07-06-2011
    The week off the bike...
    Actually, we did ride some bikes with non-function coasterbrakes.... Now that was some hilarity! But no photos were taken.

    Spent some time in a jungle:

    I'm a desert rat, I found the lush green fascinating:

    Met some locals:

    Saw some old stuff:

    Spent time at the beach:

  • 07-06-2011
    The flower photos...

    Wild iris:

    Manzanita (?):

    Not a flower, but I included it anyway.

  • 07-06-2011
    Thanks for the ride pics, I am beaching it in South Florida with no wheels and enjoyed the stoke. Loved the mud puddle series. Nature pics were cool too. Thanks.