Been collecting parts for a build for a few months, now having weird bike parts dream-
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    Been collecting parts for a build for a few months, now having weird bike parts dream

    Ok so for the last few months i've been buying parts here and there to build a bike that I really want. Mostly I buy from pinkbike, craigslist and ebay. Anyways I"m down to the last few parts and almost ready to build.

    but the last few nights I've been having the weirdest dreams about missing out of parts or being ripped off.

    Ok here's an example, I bought a rear 150x12mm axle for 15 shipped, but I had a dream where a guy was selling it local for $10. Yeah, in this dream I felt i could've saved 5 bucks.

    and then, last night I had this dream where a guy had a stash of used tires and tubes, I asked if they were for sale but he said "no, free for the taking." and some how I managed to come late to the party and only snagged 2 tubes, but they were made for 26x2.85 - 3.25 tires. Which makes no sense, who the hell makes tires at those widths?

    I think I need to lay off the "parts hunt" for awhile, i can't believe this is happening. I dunno what I"ll dream about next, a guy selling a fully built bike with better parts than mine for $100 dollars cheaper? Jesus.............

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    This made me laugh.. : ) I know the feeling.

    I've been waiting 10 months to build a new ride (complete 2 weeks ago) and there were a few last bits holding up the wheel build. So - dreams of 29" wheels turning out as 24" somehow, weird bike-built related stuff, simple riding singletrack dreams, etc, yeah I think riding + bikes can be a really deep part of the subconcious.

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