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    Always Ride: 2011 Edition: Part 5

    Monday morning was pleasant and overcast. After stopping in to the library to take care of business, I decided that an excursion up Courthouse Wash was in order. It's been quite a few years since I've been in there and it reminds me of a few different friends with whom I've been there on previous hikes.

    I've often heard rustling in the underbrush and often wondered who was roaming around in there. This time, this little fella made himself known. Hello there!

    Always Ride: 2011 Edition: Part 5-img_3955.jpg

    The prickly pear, with certain notable exceptions, were not quite ready to bloom. This lovely example was a fine preview of coming attractions.

    Always Ride: 2011 Edition: Part 5-img_3993.jpg

    Abstraction in rock.

    Always Ride: 2011 Edition: Part 5-img_4002-1.jpg

    Another fine specimen.

    Always Ride: 2011 Edition: Part 5-img_4005.jpg

    "Avoid shoes with open toes...." Whoops! No blood, no foul, right?

    Always Ride: 2011 Edition: Part 5-img_4013.jpg

    Sometimes, you just know that it's time to be home. Maybe it was the rain on Tuesday morning. Maybe it was the car full of dirty laundry. Maybe it was that lurking tightness in my neck that sent my thoughts toward my chiropractor. Maybe it was a looming deadline at work. Regardless, it was clearly time to point the car east. I was not entirely finished with the desert, though. I went for a morning walk at Mill Creek and then went to investigate the rock art panel near the golf course.

    Always Ride: 2011 Edition: Part 5-img_4020.jpg

    I was totally torn between driving out of Moab on 191 and stopping in Sego Canyon and Thompson Springs, or else enjoying the scenery of the River Road. Sego Canyon won out this time. I've taken many photographs there on previous trips and this visit was more about soaking in the ambiance. Thompson is just as fascinating as usual. I wasn't in the mood to take the same photographs again and didn't see anything new to capture my attention, to the cameras remained dormant for that moment.

    Back into Colorado, I had a gander at the Trail Through Time. The Sego Lilies are out in force and it's interesting to learn about the local geology.

    Always Ride: 2011 Edition: Part 5-img_4034.jpg

    I also paid a quick visit to Loma. Sometimes Mom says it best; "The flowers, animals and petroglyphs are awesome - but the winding single track really speaks to me - adventure!" Today was merely the briefest taste of this delightful trail system--just enough to remind me to get myself back there some time soon.

    Always Ride: 2011 Edition: Part 5-img_4038.jpg

    I had planned to spend the night in Grand Junction, but the thought of driving home through a snowstorm on Wednesday was giving me the willies. Home was calling my name and I made the call to point it east.

    I was relieved to have a smooth drive back. There is still quite a bit of snow in Summit County. The changes over the previous 10 days were surprisingly subtle. Not that any of us need confirmation that it's been a cold and wet spring, but this makes it especially obvious.

    Always Ride: 2011 Edition: Part 5-img_4044.jpg

    Ah, finally in sight of Boulder County. It was a fine welcome home! Shortly followed by almost 3 inches of rain over the next two days.

    Always Ride: 2011 Edition: Part 5-p5170572.jpg

    It's time to start planning the next adventure. There is still much more to see and do.

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    Nice pics, thanks!

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    This has been an excellent series- thanks!

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