Aaaaaahhhh. Prowling the BCGB-
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    Aaaaaahhhh. Prowling the BCGB

    On Sunday, I dove in for a long (mostly solo) journey in the BCGB. There were a number of other people playing out there and regardless of what Scorpionwoman says you can run into them from time to time.

    I dropped in at the top of the Hill of Life (off Scottish Woods and 360 Hwy), riding for a few minutes with some people I met at the TH (of which I had a mutual friend, so the first couple miles were friendly).

    But I needed to turn and burn, as in burn off some of the week frustrations, so off I went on my solo jaunt.

    On the way, I re-discovered one of the more "interesting" drop-in points to the network, this is off the Gaines-Twin Falls parking area, and drops down a somewhat bumpy and steep hill side to put you on the main trail pretty quickly. it's steep and rough enough that I pretty much almost nailed a great solo Endo here. Could be bad if you fell off to the downslope though.

    shot at the top, looking down

    shot at the bottom, looking up

    Eventually I ran into one of the locals, AustinBike (of fame) who complains regularly that nobody gets a shot of him riding, so I cured that after a nice right-hand rolling dropin....

    ... and again I tried, but he hid behind a tree just to thwart me and keep up the complaints ...

    ... we continued on and eventually ran into the Three Stooges (Pimpjuice, Eoakerholm, and Clark) who then rode with us for a while

    The Pimp styling his button-down jersey

    Eoakerholm styling, well, something

    Clark styling good swear words for me taking pictures

    heh heh heh

    But alas they were also not to finish the ride with me, and after dropping them off back at their vehicles so they could go find lunch I continued on my solo fun. Eventually finding myself at a nice overlook for one of the falls (the one below the HOL)...

    From whence I caroomed back down and across the creek, and up the final climb.

    In the end I got about 35 miles of riding in, with about 4400ft of climbing, had some good times with friends, and some good times alone, it was the perfect "medicine" ride for someone who was work and keyboard weary.

    addendum: This was the first long ride on the new WTB Prowler tires that got put on the bike last week, 2.3 SS rear and 2.5 MX front. They worked out VERY well and so far I am very happy with them. Both tires now have "inverted mohawks" as the "fur" has been worn off the centerline tread. The tires roll REALLY well on all times of terrain I've used them on to date (hardpack, loose, loose-over-hardpack, some pavement, grass, soft loam, bare limestone) and hold grip very nicely (zero issues with the miles n miles off off-camber loam and rock they hit this weekend). I think they're going to be great at AZSF in a couple weeks.

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    nice report, bear!

    glad that the WTBs got a "haircut"

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    There you are! I knew you were out there, and after spending 3 hours on the trail, I couldn't understand how I missed you. Ah well, so it goes.

    Glad you got in some good dirt therapy. Works wonders for the soul, it does.
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    My foot was really bruised this morning from that little crash that I had. Sometimes the stupidest little things can take you down on the trail. A 1" lip combines with soft dirt and leaves is a killer at the wrong angle.
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