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    'winter beater' conundrum

    Cold and wet place the greatest demands on components, yet we ride a lesser bike in these conditions.
    For years, I have chosen winter to disassemble my Loco Moto for thorough maintenance and turn to my 96 diamondback. From FS to hardtail, from discs to V's, King to XT, chi chi drivetrain to ancient LX. This year I have a RX 100 and am preparing to repeat back to ice encrusted V brake arms, harsh aluminum jolting, and pawls getting stuck in frozen peanut butter-like grease, muttering along the way about performance. Enjoying the new bike again after sucking it up on the beater is like feeling good after ceasing to hit yourself with a hammer.
    How many ride their thoroughbred number one bike through all conditions?
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    mine's certainly not a thoroghbread, but it's not bad. I have a fenderized Rocky Mtn Hammer that's my year round commuter bike.

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    My SS commuter..

    Is my 94 YBB. Yah my beater bike I ride it all year round....though there are only really two seasons here in Vancouver. Rain and soon to be Raining.



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    The single speed gets winter trail duty while my FS gets prep'd for spring. This winter I'll also switch from commuting on my cyclocross bike (which is also my primary road trainer) and ride a 20 year old Trek roadbike with a 1X9 drivetrain.

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    I rode my ti hardtail the last couple winters when my rear air shock refused to hold air in very cold temps. I'm going to try the Heckler with 5th Element this winter.

    I don't have a commute (home office) and try to stay off the roads and out of the salt bath.

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    Holy cow, why waste another excuse to get another bike? You need a fixed gear for winter riding!
    Comparisons are odious.

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    Mine is a 98 Ross Mt. Hood. It got the job done well last year, all that happened to it was the chain snapped, and that was the original chain. By the way, this is just used when I can't ride on the trails when there is too much snow, becasue I have a set of nokian tires for the trek and turner, and I still ride theses bikes on the trails in the winter.

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