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    Tell me more about your Passion for MTBing.

    I don't quite have the full passion yet for mountain biking like I do for some other endeavors, but it's growing lately. Can you tell me more about your passion for mtb. What aspects do you like about it compared to other endeavors. I'd especially like to hear from those who aren't super endurance athletes.

    My favorite is probably snow skiing. That feeling of bombing down runs and being out in Alpine environments is unmatched for me. I love the whole vibe - the ski towns, the culture of fitness, etc. Back in the East where I live, my skiing replacement sport is dual sport dirtbiking.(dirt bike with a tag) We can explore well over 100 miles in a day of backroads, forest roads and trails. What I really like is the experience of "surfing the land". I desire to ride all day when riding - it's so fun. And when not racing, the energy demands are such that you can do it all day. It's a much better full body workout than many non dirt bikers would imagine. You kind of feel like a hard day of snow skiing after a day of dirt biking with a good adrenaline/endorphin buzz. You really need to stay in shape to fully enjoy it. I also enjoy water sports like water skiing etc., and get a real thrill out of playing soccer as my team sport fix.

    I want to like mountain biking more. I like that it's quiet, more trails are available nearby and a "clean" sport in regards to fuel exhaust. It's so much easier from a maintenance and gear perspective. I used to ride primarily with endurance types that would cause me to just plain suffer for most of the ride. I'm learning how to enjoy uphills at my own pace now and bombing downhill singletrack where the dirt bike experience comes in handy. The thrill is still not the same for me as snow skiing or dirt biking, but it's growing on me.

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    I love mtb because when I'm riding and going as hard as I can it takes EVERYTHING I have - all my concentration, all my focus, all my physical coordination and all my stamina. When I'm riding and it's going good nothing else in the world exists exept me, the bike and the trail right in front of me. It can kick my ass and I'm still left wanting to ride more the next day.

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    I love to ski too.... MTBing is my summer skiing, gliding through the trees, hitting that perfect turn like a waist deep powder turn, my heart pounding out of my chest, the thrill of riding a spine and the top of that hill that kicked my all last week.. Im out in the woods with my bike, and me.. (sometimes the dog) and that feeling of putting the bike back on the car to head home..
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    I just enjoy riding. I'm probably the worlds oldest virgin (when is comes to motor vehicles), I'm 40 and never had a drivers license or car, never really wanted a car, needed a car, or could afford a decent car. For me it started when I got my first bike on my 5th b-day, and I been riding ever since, nearly every day (give or take). Growing up I rode BMX and rode mostly just to get radical (race, freestyle, DJ, etc. Now I ride more casually and for fun, and as I'm sure you can imagin, I'm quite good, in fact, most of the time whatever I'm doing on my bike, most of my reflexes and responces are natural to me, I don't even really have to think about them anymore.
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    For me it's like a mental eraser. All of the BS from the day gets wiped out while I'm riding singletrack. It's one of the few times in my life when I can truly be IN the momemt. It helps me wash away all of the exteranious crap causing stress in my life. When I'm done, I often have the ability to focus on the important things and let the other stuff go.
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