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    So I got a huge toolbox

    A Stanley FatMax!

    I was getting so tired of digging in my tool "bag" for bike tools. Laying parts all around the garage floor. So last night I finally made the trip to Lowe's and grabbed this monster. Big enough to fit my Park wheel dish tool in the bottom, pedal wrench, headset remover (homemade copper pipe), etc. etc. etc.

    Then I went to Walmart and creeped around the craft section for a small organizer and did away with the tons of ziplocs that I had for the random screws, bolts, cable crimps, donuts, etc. etc.

    The OCD in me is so happy right now...should have gotten one way earlier.

    Rudy Projects look ridiculous

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    Nice! It's amazing how a extra storage box can tidy up a space.

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    I did the same thing several years ago, even have a very similar toolbox. When my working hours and daylight allow me to get in lots of riding, mine actually spends most of its time behind the seat of my truck. Anything I do to my bikes is in my garage anyway and my truck is only 6 steps away. At home or the trailhead, there are very few things I can not take care of. Even stopped to help out some roadies one day last year on my way home from work. They were pretty impressed with my mobile shop.

    Your's does look somewhat larger and mine is starting to get kind of full, I might just have to upgrade.

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    I have this Stack-on I got a whole bunch of years aog at the PX, and between it and my large 10 year old and still going strong Fox Gear Bag, pretty much handles it all.

    Is very good and must be a best seller; I still see it available on-line.
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    Is this world wide? Here in Oz some tradies have that very funny Stanley sticker on the rear window of their utes ... I'VE GOT A FAT TOOL!


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