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    Favorite tire/tube sealant

    I live in an area where the dreaded goatheads exist and sealant of some sort is almost a requirement. I've been using slime in my tubes with pretty good results but it's about time to replace things and wondering if I'm missing out on something better. What's your favorite? Not really intersted in tubeless, and at this point simple and cheap is mo-betta. Thanks.

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    I use stans for tubes and tubeless. Reload every few months. Goatheads suck.

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    I know how you feel, I live where there is enough to go around for every inch of every ones tires. Use tough tires and Slime is b!tchin. It does cost a little air but it has saved me multiple times. If it is a big hole tire and put the hole towards the ground gravity pulls most of the sealant down.
    Hope this helps.

    :EDIT: That's if the hole is like something like a finishing nail or a smaller...
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    WSS v2. ~$23 for 3 quartz.

    I live in the Sonoran desert and have had no flats in ~1000 miles.

    WSS v2 is.

    2 parts Slime auto/atv (Walmart)
    2 parts water (faucet or bottle if you are the fancy type)
    1 part latex mold builder (Michaels)
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    Stans all the way for me so far. I live in the Sonoran desert too, and like rocky tech stuff, so the tires take a beating. I have had zero flats in the 10 months I have been using this, and usually ride about 10 hours a week if I can. I do try and always run UST or tubeless specific tires however, which I am sure helps.
    A good friend of mine who I ride with often swears by a concoction much the same as you describe Douger, and I might try that some time too. A lot cheaper.

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    Im going tubeless this week and I'm going to be using an acrylic, water based floor sealant.
    Had a test tyre with non tubeless rim (using electrical tape as sealing strip) and no tubeless tyre... inflated fine, held pressure, and the acrylic sealant hasn't come close to drying up... think I'm onto a winner here as I have an endless supply of the floor sealant.

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    Does it stop the punctures though?
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    Tubeless is cheap and simple, IMO.
    DIY instructions are legion.
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    Seems like lots of home-brew type options, but really, Stans is a off-the-shelf proven sealant and isn't that much money. I just converted mine over to tubeless and was absolutely amazed at how fast the tires sealed..within a few minutes all leaks were gone!
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