Hey guys & gals

We've been informally talking about a gathering for early december in Mexico.

Now, let's start to organize it before it's january and we've done nothing :P

We can try to do it on sunday, december 3rd (which would be an awesome birthday present 4 me ).

The way I see it, I propose 4 places to ride:

1. Chiluca - Nice place to ride, has about any kind of trails (some are multi-access trails and we see a lot of dirtbikes, though, but I don't care about it).

2. Desierto de los Leones - Good scenery, first we get to do the hard stuff (climbing), then we have a looong way of flats, and the return is downhill

3. Ajusco - Nice park, we also have to mostly climb on the way out, and descend on the way back. We can try the 4X course at the end.

4. El Chico, Hidalgo. Now, this is a BEAUTIFULL place to ride. It has a very nice singletrack downhill with several switchbacks, the town is very colorfull, and a single, very demanding climb back to the cars. The downside here is that we will need to arrange a transportation. We can get there by cars, but not everybody has a car. Maybe we can see how many cars we got and how many people and bikes we can take.

So, I'm going to leave some posting, and any feedback would be greatly appreciated!