So I was thinking about my current setup and what got me on the full suspension road and started reminiscing about my first full susser, a Trek 9000, if anyone remembers those. I had a Trek DDS3 front shock and a big ugly stack of elastomers for a rear shock and was pretty much XT all around. The thing pogo-ed like a banshee, particularly on things like stairs, but when I first got on it almost 20 years ago I knew I was hooked on the soft tail. Anyone else out there that have been stuck on full suspension since the "early" days? Any pics? (I've got to see if I can dig up any old pics of mine)

As a side note, that Trek had kind of an interesting story. I was a missionary at the time and helping a guy whose condo had been through a fire. The bike had survived the fire but needed some serious work. I fixed it for him and was hooked when I test rode it afterwards. I had a couple of my own bikes at the time and he wanted a bike for his wife, so he swapped me my two for his one. I hope they served him well. That Trek smelled like a campfire for as long as I owned it (about 4 years)