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    Broad Run Mountain Loop - Part 1

    Cross-Post from the VA/WV/DE/MD forum

    Got a ride in last weekend that was pretty cool. I wanted to hook three different trails up together that are discrete and don’t get ridden much because they are not all that long individually. The ride was right at 30 miles, long by my standards. More road miles than I like, but it was the only way I could figure out how to hook all 3 together.

    Parked at the Hebron road entrance.

    100 yards up the mountain there is a doubletrack off to the left. It takes you to the very bottom of the Sulpher Ridge trail. Cross the foot bridge and the climb awaits.

    The first part of the climb is pretty steep.

    A riding bud and I cleaned some on this trail back in the spring, but the numerous heavy winded thunderstorms and Irene deposited many new obstacles on the trail. I spent much of the day moving sticks out of the way. Sticks suck.

    Stickmen on the other hand are quite cool.

    I had several occurrences where I had to check the IMBA rulebook on trail etiquette.

    After a mile or so you get to the ridgetop

    A few world class poison oak patches along the way

    Only the occasional view out through the trees

    It always amazes me to find fossil rocks on ridge tops. Once upon a time under the sea.

    Trail art? Bear poo with a deer track in it.

    The biggest bear I have ever seen was a few miles north on Price Mountain. When I spooked him up I could hear the wind in his fur as he ran away. I could not hear his footsteps though. Amazing.

    The last part of this climb gets steep again

    Woke this guy up when I moved a big branch off the trail. Felt bad for disturbing him so I covered him back up.

    Some of the last blooms of the year

    At the top of Price Mountain after the 3 mile 1400 foot climb.

    A half mile of rolling ridgetop. Then a killer mile of steep downhill.

    Back on Rt 606 for another mile of downhill on the road

    And yes, this is the road I turned onto

    No demons awaited me on this road though

    Just scenic farm country

    And then back into the Jefferson National Forest

    Behind the gate you are riding on a sweet trail.

    I dubbed this unsigned trail as Sybil. It has multiple personalities
    Starts out as an old logging road

    Goes back into the woods with occasional sections of chunk

    In places its just plain pretty

    Crosses Lee Creek – no water now

    After a bit you ride through an old forest fire burn area

    Very few people use this trail, but someone else has been here


    Then through an old coal mine area

    Back into another clearcut

    Then onto a steep 1 mile road climb

    Glad I missed this guy, riding on "Copperhead Road"

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    Looks like a great ride!

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    Broad Run Mountain Loop - Part 2

    Some cool lichen covered rock

    Then onto Ferrier Trail

    For a steep mile or so climb

    Some pretty serious chunk stuff on top of Broad Run Mountain

    Some of you may recognize this as part of the Dragons Tale race course.

    A mile or so of ridge top and then one of the sweetest downhills around

    Just watch out for the steps
    A second climb, thank goodness its not too long. I was about tapped out by then

    A 1/4 mile of downed trees in the forest fire area past the second climb

    Then the second part of the downhill

    Out to New Castle

    Then 10 miles of road back to the truck

    Little did I know that the shortcut on Rt614 would have me fording Craig Creek – twice. Dooped by a road in my own backyard. One of the few in the area I had not been on before. Guess I should have “pre-rode” the course.

    I sure was glad it was not cold or flooding as that would have me backtracking. Right back past the 2 dogs that I thought were going to eat me.
    I had forgotten about riding country roads. I got chased by seven dogs that evening.
    After the second ford it was almost dark. Dug out the light I was glad I had put into the pack. Then a thunderstorm hit, but it wasn’t too bad. I sure was glad to see the truck.

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    It was Mike. I'd do it again maybe as a shuttle and just skip the last road section.

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    Thank"s for posting. Those are some nice shots of trails through the woods. I lived in the Roanoke area in the late 70's/ early 80's, before I was a mountain biker, and have often dreamed about riding there. Maybe some day I'll make it back there.

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    Cool ride. And fantastic pics. Well done.

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    Thanks all for the kind comments. SteveyD where are you now? Post up on our regional board if you ever get back to Roanoke for any info or hook up for a ride.
    I know what you mean, timing is everything. I lived in Oakridge Oregon in 79 and 80 and had never heard of a mountain bike.

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