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    Wishing everybody a speedy recovery!

    Man, I am frustrated - having a bad season (or no season) so far. But two seconds onto this forum I see my injuries are pretty mild compared to some of you with broken bones, etc and my wish for a speedy recovery to all of you!

    In Feb, I went backwards on a wheelie on the road just prior to getting on the dirt, couldn't squeeze rear brake fast enough with thick winter gloves on and riding rim brakes on that bike and did a shouler injury that was a mild separation and that kept me out and limited ROM for about 4 months. Then I get a new bike (Giant TranceX), and first ride didn't like the way it descended. Then about 4th ride, stuff it HARD, otb on a rock roller section that I've rolled no problem MANY times before, this was two weeks ago - cut lip, cut up shin, MASSIVE bruise on my thight, sore and generally ****ed up!

    Then, last night, same trail, I stiff it yet again on a little off camber log crosssing spanning a short rock section, the way I fell, didn'thurt my face this time but pinned the back of my leg and calf between the bike and the ground/rock and gave a "lever" effect. Could have been a lot worse, got away with sore and cut calf.

    Not sure if this plays into effect but I've been taking two vidodin per day (prescribed for the original shoulder injury) since around March, with just maybe a few days to a week break (I'm kind of addicted to it - just the prescribed amount no more and KNOW I need to get off of it), combined with taking low dosage seroquel for sleep-this is long time prescription - I think the residual effect of those two has been to take away some of my mojo/awareness/timing, etc in motion - as I've been braking way too much, generally tentative and timid downhill and on sections and corners where "before" I ripped pretty good.

    The Trance is on ebay because I don't like the way it descends (although, apparently a lot of people do), and going to get a rig that lets me feel it on the trails and leaves no room for excuses!

    Anyway, long

    Hope all recover fast!
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