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    Recurring neck pain from bike

    I have been getting off and on neck pain and some minor nerve issues in my hand for the past seven years. It seems to come and go but at this point we have isolated it to the bike as a definite source. I work out at the gym and I do have to lift things at my job so their are contributing factors. I always though it was just an overuse issue and a combination of everything but recent events point right to the bike as the source.

    Last August I dislocated a finger and did not ride for 7 weeks and I noticed a lot of my pain went away but I could not work out and had help at work so I figured it just from doing nothing. I normally ride year round but this year I rode the Lemond cycling class bike from December to March and I got to the point were I was almost pain free. Start back up on the bike in April and problem comes back.

    I have a Trek Fuel and a Trek 5000 road bike and over the past 5 years I have done modifications to get the bars up as high as possible. Both have 40 degree stems and the road bike has a stem extender that gives me an extra 2 inches; it actually looks stupid. I have seen an ortho surgeon and a very reputable Chiro and they have not been able to find any issues. MRI in 2004 and 2008 and nothing. Finding were normal wear and tear issues for a 46 years old. The Chiro who actually ride competitively told me something is definitely causing the nerves to get irritated and to call it a day and get a road hybrid so I would ride upright. Going to order a Trek 7500 next week and give it a shot. I am so frustrated because I have basically worked out all my physical issues except this and I love to ride and I can't ride the way I want. I really want to keep the Fuel just to ride around in the winter and do some light trail riding. Any last minute suggestions that may help. The good news is that the Trek 7500 wheels can take road tires so at least I can still do some road trips if it solve the problem.

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    Re: Neck Pain

    The same thing happens to me! I feel great after I go to the chiropractors and after another ride it hurts all over again.

    For me its definitely more about the posture than it is the bike. My trouble comes in because I wear glass with small lenses. I always find myself with my chin up and my head tilted back so i can see. In a normal position I look over the lenses and everything is fuzzy. I can't wear contact lenses so in the next couple of months I am going to make an effort to explore some options such as athletic frames with a wider view and possibly getting glasses with big lenses.

    Do you happen to wear glasses too?

    Did you get your new bike yet? I'd love to find out how you made out. Has it made a difference? I'm in the market for a new bike so I'd be curious to see if the angles work out better for you.

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