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    Old Scaphoid, non-union

    OK here is the deal. When I was 14 I played basketball. Going up for a jump shot I was pushed and fell backwards. I broke the fall with my outstretched arms and ending up breaking both wrists. I will go ahead and make the joke now.....a cast on each arm and no girlfriend while 14 years old and raging with hormones At about 16 years old I started riding mountainbikes. New riders always crash and of course I did. Probably sprained the left wrist a couple times during my bike rides through the years. Fast forward to now and I am 31 years old and been riding pretty much ever since save for a 4 year break for higher education. Usually have a small bit of tenderness at the end of an epic (6-7 hrs) but other than that my left wrist has been fine. The other week I crashed really hard and of course landed on my outstretched left arm. X-rays showed a minor break in the elbow (radial head fracture) and a fracture in the scaphoid (wrist/hand). Had to get an MRI as well and the MRI showed that the fracture was not new, and had been there from a previous break that never healed. Wrist was just sprained. Ortho wants me to heal up elbow first then have surgery on the scaphoid. Surgey invovles a screw through the bone with a bone graft taken from the wrist or hip. Surgery has 80% success rate. Cast for 6 weeks after surgery then 6 weeks of re-hab.

    So my question is should I opt for the surgery or just leave it as is? I know the doctors opinion is what I should listen to but has anyone ever had this break and left it alone and been fine? I mean it has been broken for this long which I didnt even know and I have been fine with really no pain. Also, MRI showed no necrosis of the bone so it is still living. This injury will not keep me off a bike forever so if I happen to crash on it again will the break be worse? If anyone has some insight on this pesky fracture, I would love to here it.

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    Just have it fixed, as you get older and older itll just get worse and worse, you dont want to be 60 and not able to use the left hand.

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    Get it fixed and practice falling.
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    Get the wrist fixed. Chronic non-union of the scaphoid bone can lead to significant arthritic changes in the wrist over time. You may be pain-free now, but over time, the arthritic changes can lead to carpal collapse (carpal = wrist bones) and distortion of the wrist's normal anatomic position. If you are interested to know more and to impress your surgeon, Google SNAC (scaphoid non-union advanced collapse) wrist and DISI (dorsal intercalated segment instability).

    Your body will thank you in your old age if you have it corrected now. Severe arthritis is never pleasant - young or old.

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    Have the surgery

    if you haven't done so yet. My story is similar to yours. I think I probably broke/cracked my scaphoid in a prior fall about 4 years previous to a fall where x-rays showed the fracture. I went through casting and braces for about 1 year before it was decided to have the surgery (screw and cells from my hip). Wrist/hand completely healed about 6 months after the surgery.
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