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    Knee problems

    I have been riding more steadily recently. 1-2 times a week sometimes more sometimes less depending on the weather since May-June last year. Recently, I am having trouble with my right knee only. When I'm riding it is mostly a problem when in the saddle, not as bad when out. I do not do any road riding other than getting to or tying together trails. I often ride hard, but only for an hour on average. The pain is coming from where I am pointing in this picture, and it feels like I have to pop my knee, as if I would plant my leg solid and turn my body to the left to pop it. I've adjusted seat up, down, back, forward and it doesn't seem to help.

    Its gotten pretty annoying and I don't want to hurt anything more so.

    I have some theory's but I was hoping someone may have had some simlar experiences.
    I have thought about it being;
    -bias problem... too low cadence, too much work with one leg, too soon
    -individual anatomy problem. I havent noticed anything but seeing as it feels like i need to twist to the left and "pop" it (even though that doesn't help) im wondering if i should adjust my cleats a tad on my right shoe to give me more float towards the frame.

    I'm really not sure at this point so I had to ask.

    Edit- I should have mentioned that I'm generally un-affected when off the bike by this. I ski once a week and play ice hockey goaltender once a week without any problems.

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    Does it start to hurt when your knee is starting to bend from a straight legged position. Does it click on the lateral side of the knee when your feeling pain?

    Just as a precaution and to lower the lateral pull on the knee joint itself, you should try a foam roller. Locate your IT (iliotibial) band and your TFL (tensor faciae latae) and foam roll on it. Youtube has some pretty good videos on how to foam roll properly. Tight IT bands can make the patella track incorrectly.

    That will at least reduce the lateral force on the knee, which is a common problem in cyclists and runners. It could be the fix you need.

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    I have knee problems and I've been to a doc twice. I haven't had an MRI to officially diagnose, but between those discussions and the reading I've done I'm pretty sure it's patellar tendonitis (jumper's knee). My symptoms are similar to yours. Poke around on google and read the more detailed descriptions of the symptoms. If it is jumper's knee, it can be caused by weak quads or inflexible hamstring or quads. As a cyclist I'm pretty sure it's the flexibility rather than the strength issue. Unfortunately, healing takes a long time and if you push through the pain you could hurt yourself longterm by permanently weakening the tendons. Fortunately, most people just need rest, anti-inflammatory, and stretching/strength to get better. What really sucks for me is that I've been injured three weeks and it still hurts to pedal gently. I just sent my money in for a 100 mile race this summer and it's time for lots of base miles. I have no idea when I'll be 100%. As of yesterday a low gear on flat ground was hurting. Rest another week then retry gently I guess. Rider down.
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    The two other things to search besides patellar tendonitis are patellar tendinosis and patellar tendinopathy.

    I've had the pain since July 2010. I was too busy to do any workout or exercise from September to January, but the pain stuck with me the whole time. Perhaps I'm doing other things that aggravate it? I hope you've nipped this in the bud, because it doesn't want to go away when it gets bad.

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    I found an interesting site that may add to the discussion. It provides some good and detailed information on the condition and how the author has successfully dealt with it.


    No, I'm not the author. And no, I haven't verified everything on the page. I did find one more that was a decent read and seems to offer some similar information.

    Hope these pages help someone else. They've been the best sources for me. If only I knew this stuff a year ago I'd have saved myself some trouble and pain.

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    I just jumped back in to Mountain biking, road 5 out of 7 days in the past week as of Friday. Previously, I had been riding 2 or 3 days a week on my road bike. Well on Friday while getting out of my Honda Civic, I noticed a similiar pain in my left knee. While walking and doing most activities I don't notice it, only when my leg gets to about 90 degrees. I haven't been to the doctor yet, but my friend who has had two ACL surgeries and is studing to be a phyisical therapis/ sports med major said it sounds like petellar tendonitis. I'm going to stay off the sadle until I get it checked out by a doc.

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