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    Home Flea Infestation

    Its summer and insects are in full force at my local trails. Ive been getting persistent bug bites over the last month from trail riding. I stopped riding for two weeks, but the bug bites continue to appear. Nothing serious, but irritating. Initially, I thought it was poison oak. Ive had persistent itching on my shins from poison oak riding in the spring. But the itching is on my forearms now, and theyre just a couple of bites instead of the straight line rashes I get from PO.

    I checked the internet and found my bug bites to be identical to flea bites. I wash my chammy but reuse my shorts. Bad idea.

    Also, I ran across a dead deer coming down a trail recently. I'm sure it was festering with fleas looking for a new host

    My dog's regularly on K9 Advantix, so its not from him. And he hasnt been on a trail for more than 2 months.

    Giving the house a once over with DEET on human surfaces and insecticide on corners. Also vacuuming and washing the sheets twice a week for a wee bit.

    Any other tips for getting rid of the infestation? I can't stand the idea of having fleas in our home. Thinking of using a bug bomb.
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    The only thing I can think to say is wow man, I'm sorry, if you wanna get rid of them all that is. If the infestation is bad it can be really tough to get rid of them.
    With your dogs temperature higher than yours, i'd be surprised if he didn't have them, unless it's a Rhodesian Ridgeback or some other breed that's naturally good at keeping them off. Take your pet/pets and place them in the tub. Brush it's hair, especially on the barest part of the belly. After a few minutes take the dog out and spray alcohol onto the tub. If it turns red it's flea poo and guess what. Advantx is good stuff but it's no guarantee.
    Don't think the problem will go away when the weather get's colder, it'll just lessen until you stop the life cycle completely.
    When I got fleas years ago the best bombs, and they're not cheap, would only kill the living fleas so I had to bomb like once a week for a month and a half to completely rid them and stop the cycle of reproduction. Maybe there's something better available now IDK. While the bombs were doing their thing I'd bathe the dog outside to rid the dog.
    I'd recommend you look into the life cycle of the flea, and then armed with that info call and chose an exterminator. Looking back on what I did myself and the cost, it prolly would've been a better choice.
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    x2 on the flea bombs. If you really have an infestation, the only way to get rid of it is to clean everything as best as possible, then bomb the house. If it persists, find an exterminator that specializes in fleas. Contact your animal hospital, as they usually know people who would work for you. It is extraordinarily difficult to get rid of fleas by yourself if you have a real infestation; they can be in your rugs, your couches, bedding, pretty much anything textile, and laundering does not necessarily remove them (best to wash stuff in as high heat as possible).

    Also, it wouldn't hurt to bring your dog in for a checkup, as, again, the meds they are on might not be doing the job all the way.

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    Ewww. x3 on the bombs. I had a friend growing up who had a HUGE flea problem from cats. They were so bad! as soon as I walked into his home they were all over me because of my sweet blood and i am just a bug magnet(fleas,mosquitos,ticks etc) so I even stopped going there. He even scratched the hair off his legs and they were all patchy lol. Better to stop them before it gets worse.
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    I own a couple rental houses and when I've had to "remove" renters they don't leave the house looking so great. And when there are fleas I use mortans salt, just sprinkle it everywhere and then vacuum it and the dead fleas up a few days later. If you cant see it on top of carpet or on hardwood floors then you didn't use enough.

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    Flea bombs unless pyrethrum are bloody dangerous for your health, and very dangerous for children, they cover every mm of your home in some pretty toxic chemicals, thats how they kill fleas which are very hard to kill.
    I would exhaust every other avenue before flea bombing your home..
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