I hope this is the right sub-forum.

Here's the gig:
I ride snowboards, longboards, wake-boards...if it is a board-sport, I do it, or have done it.
I also love mountain biking.
The problem with the board-sports that I am strapped in on - I suffer from foot cramps whether it be wake-boarding or snowboarding. I have tried several things to remedy this, but alas, my runs are usually stopped short because of foot pain.

I just switched over to clip-less pedals...and it's back. Not nearly as bad or quick as when I have some bindings on. But I get some cramping while biking. Usually if I unclip for a bit or just get off my feet, it goes away.
This is very disheartening, I love riding clip-less now.
Does anyone else suffer from this issue? Have you found a resolution.
With board sports, I have tried several bindings or boots to help, and some to an avail, but not completely. I've got heat molded wake boots, tried super flexy's and stiffs, tried all that technology crap.

Should I just go try a new pair of shoes? Should I switch from Crank Bro's to Time's so I have more "float" (float is rotational play in the clips as far as I understand it) so I can get some stress off different places. Obviously I imagine the place to start is getting a better shoe, I went with Performance's 50 dollar shoe, because I was unsure if I would like clip-less.
I never had problems wearing my Merrell hiking tennis' with platforms. But the efficiency of clip-less is awesome.

I need help.

Thanks guys/gals,