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    Finger jammed, splinting?

    I crashed hard last Friday and jammed my right index finger (right-handed) among many other severe bruises, cuts and scrapes. Glad I had long sleeves and gloves on.

    Been icing both hands daily and Ibuprofen 400mg 3xdaily for first couple days, as I also sprained both thumbs and bruised my left palm from landing on a softball sized rock with my left hand. After first two days I've been running warm water over it and stretching it in the morning to loosen it up and maintain ranger of motion. It mainly hurts when it gets a side-load and then sometimes makes a snapping/clicking noise and resulting extra pain twinge.

    It is my Proximal Inter-Phalangeal Joint that hurts (the second joint from the hand,) it hurts more when it is pushed sideways toward my middle finger.

    Saturday night I bought a finger splint at drugstore and it seems to feel better slightly bent (curled) versus straight out. Still hurting Tuesday AM went to doctor got x-rays and not broken. Doctor said just sprained the ligaments and to wear the splint another week or two and I can ride my bike, just don't crash he Guess he's got no idea what a MTB trail is like.

    I've also been going without the splint couple times per day and typing, driving (stick-shift truck) etc. It seems this maybe better way to heal fast and maintain strength and range of motion.

    Is it better to splint my finger straight, bent or? Any other suggestions for faster healing and riding sooner?

    EDIT: Anybody tried these:

    According to the chart on the package at Walgreens I need a medium size and all they stock is large...?

    Pic here:
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