Complete tear of Thumb UCL (Gamekeepers thumb)-
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    Complete tear of Thumb UCL (Gamekeepers thumb)

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anybodys doctor has recommended no surgery for a complete UCL tear of the thumb?

    X-Ray and Ultrasound show no stener lesion, and no fracture, but I do have a complete rupture of the UCL. I don't have private insurance so I have gone through a public hospital, and they have advised 2 weeks in a plaster cast, followed by 6 weeks in a spica thumb splint so basically 8 weeks recovery.

    Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar situation recovering a complete tear without surgery?

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    Injury to the Ulnar Collateral Ligament of the Thumb

    "Historically, cast immobilization for 4 to 6 weeks in an acute injury was recommended regardless of the stability of the MCPJ [4, 27]. Currently, most authors have agreed with Stener opinion that 75% of the cases will fail to heal when there is complete rupture of the ulnar collateral ligament of the thumb [10, 13, 24, 33] though Pichora et al in1989 reported very good results with bracing. Limitations of this study, however, are 25% dropout rates, and at some cases, a 3-month immobilization [30]."

    "Only when the joint is stable in flexion should the injury be treated with immobilization for 4 weeks in either a plaster of Paris or a functional thermoplastic splint with the thumb in slight flexion and neutral regarding varus or valgus [20] immobilizing the MCP joint and allowing motion in the interphalangeal joint. However, if the thumb is stable in extension while lax in flexion, one of the senior authors will attempt to treat the thumb with a 3-week course of cast immobilization. If the stability has not improved at this point, then surgical repair is sought. Surgical treatment in the acute setting is favored since it has excellent results [12]."
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    What did you end up doing? I had surgery on mine as I had Stener Lesion as well as a full rupture. 8-10 weeks off the bike and trails.

    Hope yours heals up.

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    Been there...I had surgery (I have insurance). Based on everything I read and heard this was the best path towards full recovery. Had an anchor put in and it has been 100%. Recovery time was apporx 6 weeks. Minimal rehab.

    questions for you, based on the films do you know if the tendon completely pulled out from under the muscle or not. Again from what I have read/heard, if it has surgery is the only way to get a good fix. If you did not pull it out there is a better chance it may fuse back t the bone, but this will be prone to injury.

    If you have any specific questions shoot me a PM.
    Best of luck!
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