IT Band Surgery

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  • 04-04-2011
    IT Band Surgery
    Has anyone had IT band surgery or know anyone who has? I have been struggling with IT band pain for almost 2 years now. I haven't bee able to bike (apart from a few 20-30 minute light spins) for about a year. I have literally tried everything. 3 different PTs, IMS, ART, regular massage, a sports medicine docto, every stretching and strengthening regimin possible, accupuncture, foam rollers, oral anti-inflammatories, topical antiflammatories (both at the same time), and a coritsone shot. And i am currently in so much pain that cycling is barely on my mind. I can't even walk to work (1.5 km from my apartment) because it hurts too much to bear.

    I am currently on oral and topical anti-inflamatories (the strongest that can be perscribed) and stretching twice a day one last ditch effort to avoid surgery but if this doesn't reduce the inflammation my sports medicine doctor says that surgery will be my only option left (apart from selling my bikes and quitting cycling and/or just dealing with the pain).

    I'm just wonder if anyone has had it. I'm looking for any info i can get on the surgery.