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    Back in here for another's the eye this time...


    after my broken tibial plateau and knee mess last summer (from which I've made a full recovery at this point, pretty much - mojo included ), I've been down and out with a new eye injury for 10 days now:

    I was out clearing a new trail the other day, I got all hot and sweaty (as one does... ), so off came the sunglasses I typically always wear (as much for protection as for the sun)....bad move. 5 minutes later, clearing some nasty bush of a new drop (a NICE one BTW), I took a thorn to the penetrated the cornea pretty clean. Small hole per se, nothing major to worry about, it heals itself usually. Unfortunately, the thorn left a bit of residue in there, which led to an infection of some sort around the back of the cornea. Now, the issue with these kinds of injuries is that it takes a long time to figure out what is actually the infectious agent...could be bacteria, a virus, name it, any one of mother nature's special little treats could be behind it all. Because these things take like 3 weeks to grow in a laboratory culture, in the meantime, the docs hit you with broad-specturm antibiotics (via drops in the eyes), and hope to get lucky. In my case, we then had to move on to a special anti-fungus treatment, because the plain old antibiotics were not efficient.

    All this leads to lots of pain in the, irritated, swollen, hypersensitive to riding! I was actually hospitalized for 6 days...back home now, as the latest treatment seems to be just waiting for the final traces of the infection to subside, and then start stepping down the meds. The minute my eye can stand a couple of hours of sunlight, I'm back on the steed again, needless to say! But that could take another week, easily...

    The problem with this downtime is that it also makes it harder to surf the internet! (eyes, remember...). So that really leaves you with nothing else to do but to go nuts. So that's what I've been doing, basically...

    Well, I'm a bit better now, so I hope to be able to watch the playoff games today....(luckily the Saints have a bye-week, so I should have enough time to recover for the REALLY important game... ).

    Morale of the story: wear your protective glasses kids. It's when you least expect it...(and the eyes are a tough deal...).

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    woah damn unlucky there. hope your eye gets better soon

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    oh man that sounds brutal.
    I was a frequent visitor to this forum after my own tibial plateau fracture last summer. I'm about 95% recovered. Still have some strength to regain in the bad leg, so i'm spending this winter working on that.
    Good luck with your eye.

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    this one was (and still is) a bit of a bother alright. The meds are painful, basically. The good news is that the infection seems under control. In for another check-up tomorrow, hopefully time to go off the meds completely. I've been well enough this week for a bit of trail building and 1 ride on Saturday, so at least I'm sort of back in action. In the meantime, the heavens have opened up on us, so I'm not really missing much!

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