I am not trying to start a profession war, but I was wondering if people might find a sticky page they can go to that will tell them what certain credentials at the end of people's names mean.

Have a little description for each credential (i.e. MD, ATC, CSCS, PT and on and on) that tells

1. How much education is required
2. What type of client they usually cater to
3. Generally what there scope of practice is

I am a PT and I was on another forum a few weeks ago and someone gave some good advice and I had no idea what their credentials meant so I had to look it up....and I work in the medical field, so I could understand there might be some confusion among non-medical people.

This is also not to discredit "lay advice' -- I think sometimes the best posts come from people who have gone firsthand thru a particular injury.

I figure if some of us have our credentials listed we may as well clarify for everyone what they mean.

Anyway, moderators, everyone, what do you think?