ACL torn :( surgery yes/no-
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    ACL torn :( surgery yes/no

    My ACL in the left knee is torn
    Iím 41 yo, and ride (mtb and road) and run regularly.
    I donít play football/ basketball or any non linear kind of sport.
    Is there anyone here that is riding with this kind of injury without a surgery?

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    I did mtb, martial arts, hunting, hiking, working 8-12 hours a day on concrete. The muscles can stabilize for a certain amount of compensation. I tore my left acl 5 years ago. It would pop out a few times a year. Last year it was for good.

    I had too have my acl replaced, meniscus stitched/trimmed/shoved back into the joint. Dremeled out the underside of the knee cap, and finally a cracked tibia.

    Had the surgery been performed 5 years ago Iíd be in better shape. My joint is rock solid. A year plus later, Iím still fighting to get my quad back. I canít lower 10 lbs on a leg extension machine. I canít pedal standing up yet, but I can stand on the pedals now. I can only take small hits < than 4Ē. Iím 49.

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    I'm a resident in orthopaedics, actually did an ACL a few hours before posting this and if I tore my ACL, I would strongly consider getting it fixed

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