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    pole increses stamina price by 1000 !!!!


    that's ridiculous...

    nearly everybody is suffering, nearly everybody is loosing money...
    I would expect the opposite. A (significant) reduction in price to gain more customers + market share...
    but, who am I to know about these things? just an average rider... (who can not afford to spend 5K on frame only)...

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    it's not ridiculous at all

    plenty of people are not going broke his year or next, they can buy these items and keep Pole bikes running.

    if you are going broke this year, WTF you looking at Pole bikes for ?

    it's high end CNC ART.

    many bikes can do the same job at much less cost, and a little less bling factor
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    Price increased by 20%.
    Will you have an increase in your salary by 20%?
    I assume you do.
    In this post-coronavirus situation of global economic shrinkage/contraction, how many people will risk "investing " this much amount of money (+20%) on their hobbies?
    Those "plenty of people" would already buy the stamina. Now those "plenty" are even less. Cm' on, we are talking 1000 price increase frame only....

    but again, I don't know. I don't know the "inside data/info" from polebikes, nor the situation of their suppliers.
    What I do know though is, that if the price decreased by 20% I would buy a stamina
    And I am sure there are more like me. Now, pole lost me. and probably lost the ones like me...

    Hope I am wrong. Very very wrong, and pole as other brands get out of this, even stronger.

    Regarding the bling factor, that's a total new subject...

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    If you were even considering buying one, they are still doing the old price for a week. That old price was a promotion price as it was about the same as the initial preorder price. I believe the non preorder price was going to be around 3500.

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    The cost to manufacture something doesn't determine the price of something - just the margins. The market determines the price. If you can't manufacture something cheaply enough to survive on what the market will pay, you either figure out a way to make it for less or go out of business.

    We'll find out what the market will pay for a Pole. It's quite possible that their CNC production method adds enough value to justify the price. It's also quite possible that it doesn't and this is a bad move. Time will tell.

    IMO, however, $4500 for an aluminum frame is the most ridiculous thing I've heard recently.

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