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    SuperD weapon of choice?

    Hey Pivot folk, newbie here (to forums, been riding bikes since 1976) looking to get into SuperD/Enduro, been riding DH for years and trying to decide between the Mach 5.7 and the Firebird.

    I ride/live in So Cal, like to ride mostly flow, techy singletrack with an occasional DH shuttle every now and then. Also like riding places like Moab, Sedona, Downieville, Tahoe, Bootleg Canyon and Mammoth. Im not a freerider and dont much higher off the ground than 3-4 ft usually, so not into jumping or drops really, Ive occasionally hit a 6 footer but thats pretty rare where I ride.

    Also little insight into my bike setup, I like to ride 1x10 and Ive heard Pivot makes an adapter for this application. I also plan to use a fork with at least a 35mm stanchion cause Im a bigger dude (6'4" @ 235lbs), Im sticking to air forks so I shimming them down for the Mach wouldnt be an issue.

    Anyhow thanks for all your help and if you have any ? or if I missed any helpful info let me know. Looking forward to being a fellow Pivot owner soon!!

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    Firebird should be the choice. I have one, setup a little on the burlier side, Talas 180 fork, Sun Singletrack rims, Minions with EXO casing, wide Gravity DH bars, Reverb seatpost, Straitline pedals. I think is ~32lbs, but worth it for the downhill performance, very composed and confident ride, and still pedals up very well, just a little heavier compared to my other bike, a Mach 5. The 5 is setup as a light weight AM bike, but really is more a long travel XC bike. It takes more concentration to ride downhill, have to be more careful picking my lines. I have read that the 5.7 is a more relaxed ride, haven't ridden one yet.

    Except for the weight, I think the Firebird pedals uphill just has good as the Mach 5.

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    IMO I personally think the Firebird would be a better SuperD bike than the Mach 5.7. The FB is much more adaptable, you can run a 160 or 180 fork, coil or air fork. Dont get me wrong the Mach is a very capable bike, but not FB caliber. Plus being a larger rider I think the FB would better suit you.

    Good luck either way its a Pivot so you cant lose!
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    Cool thank you very much for your suggestions and opinions. Im def leaning towards the Firebird myself, versatility is amazing.

    If anyone else would like to chime in, Id love to hear more opinions.

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    I owned a Mach 5 for about a year before I replaced it with a FB. The FB is much more
    suited to my "slam into stuff" riding style. I'm totally AAM, so it's important to me to have
    a bike that climbs well. As someone else already pointed out, the FB climbs as well as
    the Mach 5 did, only slightly heavier -- and I don't really notice it that much. Mine's
    somewhere between 32 and 34 lbs depending on tires and how much goop I put in them.

    The "cushiness" of the FB rear totally outshines the Mach 5's rear. The Mach 5 was
    very "snappy" and almost was too harsh for me. Much more of an XC race bike feel. And
    I'm not into XC racing. Give me the rough stuff and make it steep up and down, or really
    chunky when it's flat!
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    If you were looking at the All Mountain Downieville race, then one could argue that the Mach 5.7 with some beefed up components would be good, but if you really want traditional Super D then the firebird is indeed your weapon.

    If you ever want to do a 5 hr ride with 5k of climbing, and you want to do it well, then you want Mach 5.7 is perfect, but if that isn't in the cards then just stick with firebird.

    Remember that a 5.7 can be built up at 24 lbs or 32 lbs, so is extremely versatile. But if you read that last sentence, and say, no, I'll probably never go 5 hrs/5k of climbing and what I really care about is how it takes hits over an hour of downhill ridiing, then stick with Firebird.

    And that is what is great about firebird, its one of the few bikes that takes hits so well that you *could* do a 5 hr/5k ride with. Its just a bit heavier, but still pedals pretty darn well. As much as I love Yeti, I wouldn't want to do that ride on a 575, but on Firebird it can be done. Of course, their new SB66 might be worth taking a look at. If you are really focused on Super D precisely I'd choose between SB66 and Firebird.

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