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    Float dpx2 an upgrade overFloat x2 on a 2016 Mach6? (cross posted from Shock forum)

    This past spring, I bought a 2016 Pivot Mach 6 with a 2017 Performance Float x2 shock (can't adjust high speed rebound and compression). I'm coming off a 2004 Yeti ASR-SL.

    My issue is: When I'm really pushing the bike, it feels wallowy and sluggish coming out of flat corners or pushing it down gradual downhills or punchy up and down technical sections. For example, there's a section of trail in my area that consists of a very short steep section with two 1-2 foot drops followed by a gradual tight and twisty downhill. On my Yeti xc bike, the drop part is more sketchy but then after just a few pedal strokes I'm coasting down the gradual downhill part, railing it at speed. On the Mach 6, on the gradual downhill part, I'm pedaling as hard as I can when the terrain allows and I'm still not at the speed I was on the xc bike. This may be just a function of xc bike vs. long travel bike, I don't know. But I experienced the same effect at the beginning of Mag 7 to Portal this fall. I've ridden that route several times on my xc bike, a rental Transition Patrol, and a rented 27.5 Norco Sight and I don't remember experiencing that on those bikes. Same with Captain Ahab although prior to this bike, I've only ever ridden it on my xc bike. The punch, technical ups, on that trail, I just seem to wallow and it feels slow. Don't get me wrong, the steep or super fast downhills on the Mach 6 with the x2 are awesome and I love the plushness of it. I do not like that it seems to blow through it's travel quickly and what seems like a wallowy feel (which also detracts from technical climbing).

    My question is: Should I stick with my x2? Would a dpx2 be more suited to my trail vs. enduro riding style? Would custom tuning the x2 prevent the wallowing feel while at the same time retaining plushness?

    I ride it at 30% sag (I think about 160 or 165 PSI at 170lbs or so riding weight) with 2 bands in it. 2 bands seemed to help a little. 3 bands didn't seem any different than 3 other than it made it very difficult to achieve full travel.

    Any input from people who have ridden both shocks, especially both shocks on a Mach 6.

    Oh, and yes, money is an object as you can tell from me riding a 14 year old xc bike all over the place.

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    You should be able to adjust LSR/LSC on the shock, so it should help when it comes to wallow and resistance to pedal forces.

    If you're blowing through travel easily, you need more pressure and/or more progressive spring curve.

    If you plan to have the shock serviced, see if Fox can hook you up with Factory adjusters for 4 way adjustability, but it won't really impact what you're trying to do.

    I have X2 on my Switchblade and it's great shock for me, I don't think DPX2 is better at anything other that it could potentially be easier to set up and weighs 100gr less, but for pure performance and adjustability X2 is unrivalled.

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    It seems like blowing through travel on the x2 with the Mach6 isn't an uncommon issue but I may be misremembering what I've read on these threads. I've tried 25% sag and didn't like it same with more low speed compression and it seemed to me that it didn't help with the wallowing but maybe I needed to try it longer.

    Does anyone have experience with the Mach6 using both the X2 and the DPX2? If so, what's your experience?
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