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    Tips on new camera?

    Just wondering if anyone had experience with the sony a6000 or 6300. I wanted to start learning photography both for mountain biking and travelling. I have no knowledge of it whatsoever. I wanted to ask for beginner if any of you guys recommended the a6000 or just buying the a6300. The a6300 is kind of pricey but the 4k video seems pretty awesome. I want to be honest and say I probably want to use camera just for still image (and maybe the a6000 is the better choice) but it be awesome to take video from time to time when traveling. But then I do have a gopro hero 5 and know how to use most of its settings. Thanks!

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    I have the a5000, which is quite a bit more compact. I doubt you will be disappointed with any of the a5xxx or a6xxx cameras. I wouldn't pay extra for 4k video, not sure how practical it is, but I don't shoot a lot of video. Use the savings for a lens, there are some good ones for these cameras. The affordable 16/2.8 prime is a gem.
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    I have the A6000 and I love it, from the size, the build, the photo quality, the reliability, the functions of the camera, I love it all. I have nothing bad to say about it. The A6300 does have better video quality, but the A6000 does shoot at 60fps at 1080p still. Do you have a 4k monitor for video playback? if not, there is no reason to go 4k unless you'd rather be prepared for the future. (IMO, it's not worth the extra $$$ for this range of camera, plus you have your gopro, use that).

    I agree with using the savings for a better lens as well. A6000 w/ a fast prime lens or two, you'll be set. prime lenses are cheaper, smaller, lighter weight and sharper.

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    Any other options I am in the exact same situation as the OP but am also wondering about the new a6500 looks to have touch screen which is nice.

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    I would go the a6000 route myself for the price/benefit ratio. I use a NEX-5T and have gotten good pictures from it.

    However, on mountain biking I generally find a mirrorless kinda bulky to ride with and prefer a good point and shoot which is smaller and easier to transport.
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    What kind of phone do you have? A lot of newer phones take amazing pictures and obviously they are super convenient since they fit in your pocket and can be used for route finding and Strava.

    Here is an album of my favorite biking pictures all taken with a Note 4 and now more recently a Google Pixel camera. I really like to utilize the panorama modes and find that Samsung does an amazing job of it. The Pixel has a hard time stitching photos right now, but hope it will be improved with future updates.

    We have some point and shoots and my Pixel takes better shots unless it is dark out. It can also do 4k video. I am pretty sure iPhones are the same as well if you have one. I'm about to sell all my DSLR stuff and get a mirrorless, but I agree with Lawson Raider, even with a pancake lens, still a bit too bulky for biking.

    My photos all have a bit of sharpening and added saturation. You need to add a fair amount of sharpening to shots to have them look good online as they will be softened when displayed in a browser.

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