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    Favorite compact camera that gives good video?

    I rarely, if ever, feel like hauling my nice SLR around or risking it in a crash; and of course cell phone photos and videos are pretty weak. So, here I am searching for something in the middle realm that I know very little about.

    Pretty much everything these days gives decent stills, but it seems video can be hit or miss; especially considering the need for a good framerate to capture a fast moving object and the fact that we're usually in the forest under low light. I don't need 4k or anything like that, but I want to get something that handles 1080 well under these conditions.

    I've been looking at the various iterations of the Sony RX100, but am interested in hearing about whatever alternatives have worked well for you. Something rugged is a bonus but not if it come at the expense of performance. I'm also interested in previous generation models so that I may be able to find something used or on closeout....this hobby already chews up most of my disposable income so budget is a factor here as well.

    I welcome your thoughts, thanks!

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    The Panasonic GH series seem to be the go to for medium sized mid-high quality video. But things are changing so fast hard to say if there is t something new. For ruggedness, hard to beat the Nikon AW1 I have, but the image quality is clearly not as good as M4/3. And I haven't played with video much on it.
    I'm thinking M4/3 might be what your looking for, smaller than DSLRs but image quality almost as good. Although they're getting APS-C into some pretty compact sizes now.

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    One vote for the Ricoh GR

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    Thanks to you both for the advice, I'll check out these options!

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