The idea of producing my own power and not having to seek out power sources every couple days appeals to me. I have been devouring information for weeks trying to figure out if a Schmidt Dynamo will provide me with what I need. Oddly enough I don't care about lights or a phone or my iPod losing charge. My main concern is camera batteries. I admit up front that I know very little about electricity. I do know (now) that a straight USB connection is not going to do the trick. Have been focusing on the Busch & Müller e-Werk as a converter but am not sure what I am looking at for voltage and current needs. I am shooting with a Olympus PEN E-P5 which takes a 7.6V battery and has a two-prong wall charger. Excuse my ignorance but can I just get a female plug, tie it into the system and go?

Other converters? Cache batteries?

Any light you can shed would be greatly appreciated. Need to order my parts ASAP but wondering if this is going to be a viable solution? Don't want to invest big $$ if it won't address my biggest need.

Stressing me out.

Thanks in advance!