Anyone have experience with Pana gx85 or the olympus em10 mark ii?-
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    Anyone have experience with Pana gx85 or the olympus em10 mark ii?

    Looking to purchase one of these to get into some trail side snapshots. Was hoping someone could give me their input on either of these devices. This will be my first "real" camera.

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    No personal experience with those particular camera models, but either will serve you well. Since you are not tied to a particular system with micro4/3 your lens selection is the same for both. Personal choice would be... hard choice, any used available, get that one. Olympus is usually good value for the money, especially lenses, but you can use them on the Lumix too. If you are a Leica guy you might prefer the Lumix.
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    I used the Olympus for about a month before selling it- there's a short-term review posted about halfway down the main page.

    Overall, I think in good light the camera performed well. However, in anything less than ideal light, I became frustrated at the AF capabilities and performance. If you're willing to spend more money on their pro-level lenses, I think you can really milk a lot of value out of the camera body.

    I personally ended up going with the Canon M5, which I also posted a review for on the main forum page. I also strongly considered the Sony A6300/6500 as well, but it ultimately came down to the lens selection and price. I'm also a Canon guy (I have a full-frame as my main camera) so the familiarity was also a factor.

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    I'm a Canon guy too, but they were so late to the mirrorless game that I'm on Panasonic for my travel cam, but the GX1. It's been acting up and the battery door is messed up so I was looking at replacement. I was at B&H a couple months ago and was drooling over the GX8, but it was getting big for what I wanted. The GX85 is probably closer to what I want size wise, but I liked the GX8's dust & weather sealing, and the viewfinder and operation of the 8 is quite nice. I have no experience with Olympus beyond the original digital PEN, which I bought but stopped using because the interface was annoying me.
    On sensor phase detect AF is the way to go for better speed and low light sensitivity. Panny seems to be resisting that, they just get more clever with the contrast detect AF. Who knows though, they resisted for a long time in body IS, but now have jumped in with combo IS. Maybe someday Panny will go hybrid AF that uses both AF systems simultaneously! My Panasonic has served me well, just have to know its limits and what to expect from it.
    For riding, I use a Nikon AW1. So you can see I don't have a huge brand loyalty, but if I find something that works for me I do tend to stay with it. The AW1 is the only ILC that is ruggedized. I'm somewhat disappointed with its image quality, but again have to realize and keep in mind its limitations. I am impressed by its ruggedness, I've abused the thing a lot and it works no fuss. Too bad the Nikon 1 system is pretty much dead.

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