Action camera mount question-
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    Action camera mount question

    I just recently got a new $50 Go-Pro clone. I already posted a couple of videos from a helmet mount. I just got a chest harness and a whole bunch of other brackets and mounts. So I put on the longest extensions I could find onto the "J" hook but when I did some tests both my arms show up in it. I've seen other videos with chest mounted cameras but I've never seen any arms show up in them. What kind of mounting set up are people using? Thanks.

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    Arms in the frame is normal for chest-mounted video.

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    On the chesty mount, mount the camera upside down and angle it up about 40 - 45 degrees.
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    My arms are always in my chest-mount pics / vids. For me, that's what makes those shots more interesting. It really gives the viewer more of a first person view.
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    It may also depend on your view mode too. I started out using "wide" view on my GoPro camera which showed just the handlebar every now and then. The focus was more on the trail. You should check your camera settings to see what view modes you have.

    Over the weekend, I swapped to superview mode and now I can see my arms, the entire handlebar, and part of my front end. I like this view so much better because it personalizes the video. I watched a lot of YouTube videos that did this perspective and I couldn't figure out how they did it. Then a lightbulb went off in my head to try superview.
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    Here’s my Gopro 7 Black on a Ram mount on my front fork.

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